M2M Services is one of the leading machine to machine specialists in the Netherlands. M2M Services provides the platform, applications, and design services needed to profitably connect and manage devices worldwide. M2M Services is a privately held company based in Maasdijk, The Netherlands.


Our Vision

We believe The Internet of Everything improves the quality of life by enabling the interaction between everything and everyone in your environment. You have continuous and complete insight in how to maximize use of available resources.


M2M Corporate Proposition

M2M Services provides wireless data connectivity through a global network of operators. Along with this global coverage, you get access and management control over global wireless deployments through the M2M Control Center and/or web services API.

M2M Services’s M2M proposition is aimed at controlling costs in several ways: automated provisioning, flexible rate plans and the possibility to pool data usage across SIM cards within a rate plan. In addition, the M2M Control Center enables customers to manage their business more effectively. For example, activation status and data usage can be viewed on-line and problem solving can be done through the use of real-time diagnostics.

M2M Services differentiates itself by offering a unique service:

  • A single contractor for all M2M subscriptions across multiple countries worldwide with a single contract and service level agreement;
  • Access to the M2M Control Center to monitor the total population of M2M user devices and to get access to real-time management information;
  • A single web tool that allows consistent management of customer’s business on a global scale;
  • Flexible rate plans that allow for pre-paid, post-paid and/or event based solutions that fit with the needs of customer’s business model;
  • Possibility to jointly develop new business.