IoT.nxt is a specialised IoT solution provider. Our IoT platform is recognized as a global leader in providing a comprehensive, fully integrated, pure-play IoT hardware and software platform from the edge to any enterprise application across all verticals, products and devices.

A platform that integrates multiple systems, applications, protocols and ‘things’ into a single operational and management user interface, thus creating a seamless bridge between data sources and brokering data availability in real time across multiple platforms for up and downstream consumption and analysis.

Our platform connects all your devices to any enterprise application on premise or in the cloud. Anything from your legacy non-IP based devices (from 2-wire to PLC) through RaptorTM, our intelligent edge gateway to connecting IP enabled devices directly to our IoT platform, Commander™.

We are technology agnostic and combined with the ability to connect to anything on the edge we can retrofit onto your existing infrastructure, paving the way to rapid digitisation. This means rapid deployment with little or no disruption to your business process and limiting business risk. Retrofitting limits the upfront cost of digitisation and significantly increases the ROI of projects. Our platform future roofs your business as it takes your devices from dumb to smart and ultimately to intelligent with an ability to accommodate the rapid changes that will take place at the edge and enterprise level.

Its still your business, only better

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