“We are a leading Nordic company with both regional and global clients. Thanks to our range we work at all levels within our clients’ organisations – with IT and R&D as well as on the marketing and business development side. We are present in all industries, helping organisations to strengthen their businesses, simplify for their users, and streamline operations.”



Digitalisation leads to many business models being challenged, and the pursuit for new value-adding offers and more cost-effective operations is intense. Technology is becoming significantly cheaper, smaller, more powerful and more connected, and we see how the users play an increasingly important part in driving innovation.



Mobility and network connection are today a given for most of us. HiQ’s experience and know-how within telecom therefore creates great value for clients and projects in all industries, as digitalisation is influencing one area after the other.



Vehicles and their components are nowadays connected and able to communicate with each other and their drivers. The car is no longer only a means of transportation, the focus is more and more on related services.



The drive to simplify and improve is strong within the industry segment and a growing number of companies are dependent on, and open to, the possibilities of digitalisation.