“Revenue: US$ 6.1 bn as on 30th September, 2015 (on LTM basis) – – Latest Annual Report​
Geographies: Operating in 31 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa​
Employees:105,571 ​”


Why us?

  • Expertise in taking on E2E Program management responsibilities for Adoption, roll-out, vendor management and also taking on operations.​
  • Real time fast Analytics for M2M/IoT deployment​
  • Expertise in integration of IoT solutions to backend ERP/CRM​​
  • M2M/IoT devices integration with Telco network through HCL’s M2M
  • Gateway supporting multiple interface protocols


What we do

  • HCL Approach to drive M2M market traction is through the integration of the work we do with enterprises, OEM vendors and ICT operators. ​
  • Being the market leader in engineering and R&D services that we perform across sectors, we bring engineering understanding of devices through our engagements with device manufacturers and players across M2M value chain​
  • HCL works with leading companies in manufacturing, Healthcare and Industrial sectors. ​


Industry verticals

  • Industrial Products​
  • Automotive​
  • Healthcare