“Giant Leap provides a most advanced Cloud-Based Service and Software for Managing Connected Products and Machines and Implementing Innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications.”



Why us?

Our team possess broad technical knowledge and many years of experience combined with a no-nonsense approach in order to develop creative, practical and durable working solutions for our clients. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of successful M2M applications over the last few years.


What we do

We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and managing devices and machines and remotely servicing the products of (leading) companies.​

We turn raw machine and sensor data into useful information for business insights and better decision making.​

We make it easy to integrate machine and sensor data to business systems so companies can optimize their business processes with accurate real-time machine data.​

We provide a platform and M2M and IoT application services to create an environment for our clients to develop new innovations for differentiating their product and service offerings from others.​

Giant Leap Products​

The Giant Leap IoT Cloud Service provides an advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and assets and implementing innovative IoT applications. The service provides you with a secure and scalable IoT data integration and application development platform, connectivity over wired or wireless networks, and modern device and asset management applications to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing IoT solutions.


Industry verticals

  • Industrial power machines​
  • Fleetmanagement (Material handling)​
  • Access control & Security​
  • eHealth