“DVM is an engineering company, providing end to end complete IoT solutions. Ever since its inception in 2014, DVM has conceived and executed a number IoT projects. We design and produce our own hardware, develop global applications that help our clients become more efficient in their respective areas while providing the necessary consultation to help them make the leap into the world of IoT. From concept to completion, we develop our own IoT applications using our very own modular gateways. DVM is also a System Integrator Partner of Thingworx.”



“We help our customers in 2 different model. First option, we can develop a solution tailor made for our customers need and expectation. We will start by analyzing the processes, identify the problem, come up with a solution, provide necessary hardware as well as our own gateway, finally develop the application and implement it to improve our customers’ bottom line. Second option is to provide our customers our readily available, plug and play solutions. We have solutions for Energy Producers, Energy Resellers, any company with distributed valuable assets, Logistics companies and farmers.”


CNGtrack (CNG Logistics)

CNG distribution is very sensitive to correct route planning, it influences the bottom line of the company. CNGTrack solution connects all the client locations to the cloud and makes it much easier to manage customer stocks, deliver CNG at the right time, with the right amount and plan the route. Applicable to most gas and liquid products.


PowerTrack (Power Generation Tracking)

PowerTrack, regardless of type of energy production and Power Plant’s OEM, brings all the production data into one, user-friendly mashup and enables the producers to monitor all power plants on a responsive map with production data (hourly/daily/monthly), total capacity usage and hourly production forecasts.


CoolerTrack (Cooler Logistics)

CoolerTrack collects important data from distributed coolers at sales locations. Energy consumption, temperature, humidity, internal lamp’s health, engagement rate – passing consumers vs. door openenings and location of the cooler are the most collected data. All data are shown on a responsive dashboard with various analysis and alarms.