Creoir is a privately owned design and engineering company from Finland. We provide our services to companies seeking for design and engineering excellence, especially with IoT-solutions. Our team has got long experience on designing and engineering wireless products and solutions to global markets.



Creoir has an optimized way for IoT – an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution tailored for each IoT application. With our customizable platform as a basis, we can select optimal technology and service providers giving the best value-add for our clients. The solution can easily be integrated into existing systems. We work with our client to fully understand the problem we are solving with emphasis on value-add and cost-efficiency.


Analysis Phase

In Analysis Phase we will form a shared understanding of a clear goal in order to know where to aim. The client gets a careful analysis of the business opportunity and technology options tailored to suit the specific needs for IoT solution development.


Concept Creation / Pilot Phase

The system architecture of the product and IoT solution is created (industrial design, mechanics structure and material selections, hardware and software architecture). The detailed development plan with budget and product/service BOM is determined. As a result, the final product specification for developing the product is available. If needed, a Pilot can be carried out by using pre-production devices.


Product Development Phase

During Product Development the mechanics, hardware/software and service solution are designed and developed.  Prototypes are made and tested against specifications. Certifications are applied and mass production readiness is verified. Maintenance channels are created.


Maintenance Phase

During Maintenance Phase, the product quality is ensured by setting up rigorious processes for field feedback and analysis. Corrective actions are implemented if needed. Software upgrades are made.