“Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®) is an international consultancy that provides innovative solutions and services to telecom companies, their business customers and verticals that employ cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G) as the chosen connectivity in their IoT solutions.

The company is an expert within Service Monitoring and Assurance.

Established in Madrid in 2005, it has offices in Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Through partners it also covers Latin America. BlueTC serves customers worldwide through a range of collaboration and project delivery models.”


Why us?

We offer a unique, highly cost effective, flexible solution that is fast to implement, ideal for temporary as well as continuous monitoring in any region, whether the IoT solutions’ reach is local, national or global. Apt for small or large organisations in any verticals.​ With the aim of achieving efficiencies, improving quality and assuring IoT service delivery, the solution enables early problem diagnosis, identification of root causes, provision of proactive support before customers are affected, etc. No other  solution in the market provides an end-to-end view of the whole IoT delivery chain which permits the active monitoring, analysis and optimisation of the quality of service of connectivity and also of the interconnection with the verticals’ internal servers & systems.​ The insights delivered ideally lead to great efficiencies and cost savings in the areas of operations, maintenance, field support and more, which quickly monetises any project. 


What we do

BlueTC has developed the M2M Active Monitoring Solution for mobile telecom operators and their vertical customers within M2M /IoT.​ The solution permits active monitoring, analysis & optimisation of a broad set of 2G to 4G network performance indicators in real-time. The assurance of quality of  service of M2M/IoT connectivity and the whole IoT service delivery chain is a key differentiator that lets the vertical businesses’  IoT based offering stand out from  the competitors’. ​ Its non-intrusive nature permits the measurement of any operator’s network independently, including roaming networks. This allows vertical businesses to compare M2M operators before signing an agreement, and once selected, monitor the quality of the actual connectivity received.

Our solution is a robust, cloud based solution applicable to the most common IoT networks that permits analysing all service layers via IP, SMS and voice:​​

–  Service Monitoring Equipment to be placed in fixed locations or vehicles

–  Central Server that collects and analyses the results from tests performed 

–  Web Portal with advanced options: mgmt. of equipment, alarms & configurations


Industry verticals

Any vertical that employs 2G, 3G or 4G networks in their IoT solutions/apps. Apt for solutions with local/national/global reach, especially mission critical ones like: Security & Asset Mgmt, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy…