Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to ICT


Living in a mode that is “always-on”, and communicating within a society that never sleeps, Information and Communication solutions are vital for many human and business activities. To make the world smarter, Axians embraces the business of its clients, as a mean to contribute to the overall value creation. This is achieved by providing top-notch, scalable and sustainable solutions, with a human face and touch.

Technology changes the world faster than ever. That’s why we are committed to help our customers to transform into a flexible digital organization – faster, smarter and safer.


Machine as a Service

With Machine as a Service (MaaS), you can manage your assets, monitor your machines and get updates with the push of a button. The backend runs on a cloud platform and communicates with different modules to store or analyze data. For example, you can predict the maintenance that needs to be done and increase the uptime of your machines. Your customer no longer pays for the machine, but for the usage.

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Industrial Internet of Things

Axians has been working for more than 20 years to connect sensors, electronics and software. Our experience enables us to turn your business into a working solution. We help with the deployment of end t end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for process optimization and cost efficiency.

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Business Analytics

How do you identify the right challenges for your organization? And how do you turn it into possibilities? Axians can help you with this. With sophisticated Business Analytics, we transform your customer, finance and performance data into meaningful information. As a result, your organization can make data-driven decisions. Decisions that improve your results.

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