Attentec is an independent system integrator focused on IoT solutions that deliver business value. We help you choose the right strategy, business model and IoT solution that will make your processes, products and offers better and more competitive. Thanks to our independence we recommend the solution you really need and which will give best business value.

We specialize in developing the software in IoT solutions with particular focus on Amazon, Microsoft and open source systems. Our work often includes integrating other IT systems that are required to realize the business benefits of the IoT solution. We also provide apps and web interfaces and, if desired, the software in the connected IoT units.

Implemented IoT solutions are deployed on the customer’s servers or in the cloud according to requirements. Attentec offers support and further development to ensure availability and up to date functionality.

Together with our partners we can recommend and deliver connectivity and electronics.

Attentec also performs security and GDPR reviews of IoT solutions.