New business opportunities with the internet of things

By linking up products and allow them to communicate opens a whole new world of possibilities. Your business becomes more efficient, save money, reduce risk, and you can increase your sales with new offers to your customers.

We develop customized solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes our customers’ processes, products and offers better and more competitive, which makes everyday life easier.

Contact us for all your questions about the internet of things, from inspiration, evaluation of business opportunities, feasibility, safety, engineering to turnkey delivery of complete solutions.

How can Attentec deliver robust IoT solutions so quickly?

The answer is that Attentec use framework specially developed to produce IoT applications. As a customer, you quickly get a complete solution that can be hosted on your own server or in the cloud. The frameworks are specially designed to be flexible, extensible and scalable. You can easily focus on value creation in your application. Attentecs solutions are delivered with customized web pages and apps to meet the special needs of each customer.