As we face the dawn of the IoT/5G era, when wireless crosses paths with wired telecommunication, we will stay on the leading edge of technology.

5G system will be used to run what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) as it is expected to allow users to connect all kinds of everyday items to the Internet and enable auto recognition, auto control and remote measurement. In addition to automotive technology such as the self-driving cars, IoT is expected to lead to major social innovation in a wide range of fields including medicine, healthcare, transportation, energy, industry and agriculture.


Who We Are?

Anritsu has over 120 years of experience in wireless and wired communication technologies, during which we have built relationships with customers in a wide range of fields in the communication and information industry, from telecommunication operators and device manufacturers to the manufacturers of semiconductors used in communication devices. This has provided Anritsu with an overall view of the market, enabling us to provide the right solutions to issues in every field involved.

We understand that today’s world is ruled by the DATA, INFORMATION and CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT. There is a rising amount of connected devices and customers are used to have access to information at any time. In this situation, smart software solutions often bring another level of added value to established businesses.

To enable this, Anritsu has extended the standard hardware-dominated Test & Measurement portfolio by custom software services represented by Anritsu Custom Software Solutions division.


What We Do?

Together with other Anritsu group companies, we are approaching the IoT topic from multiple angles. That allows us to support our clients through the entire process of connected product launch. Let it be a Connected Production Line, Telematics in a Connected Car or remote Data Collection, YES WE CAN.

Our Software Engineering team is dealing with prototyping and firmware development of Connected Home Devices and other IoT Solutions. As a traditional Test&Measurement vendor we know all about Wireless and Testing and with another important ingredient – Automation we help R&D teams of IoT Manufacturers to keep demanding timelines.

Our major areas of expertise are:

Custom Software Solutions – you know WHAT, we know HOW
• SW Development – Data Acquisition, Communication, Processing, Presentation
• Embedded Systems – Prototyping & Development
• Data Integration – Smart Storage and Use of Data
• Mobile Interfaces – Apps for iOS, Android, Web, Cloud Solutions, Augmented Reality

Quality Assurance – Independent Testing (both automated / manual)
• Test Automation – using own or 3rd party Platforms
• Preparation of Specific Test Environments – Thermal Chamber, RF Shielded Room, A Full Range of T&M Equipment and Sensors
• Penetration Tests/Security Audits – of Websites, Applications or Infrastructure

Test & Measurement Instruments – Testing as a Service
• Test Equipment incl. Dedicated Engineer/Consultant

Why Us?

Anritsu Custom Software Solutions division has implemented various projects for major companies from Fortune 500 including global players from Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Technology or Transportation. Our comparative advantage lies in the following attributes:

• 120+ years tradition in Hardware
• 18+ years experiences in Software
• Global footprint represented by: group companies, sales and partners network
• 2 offices focused on Custom Software Solutions development located in Central Europe (Prague – CZ, Bratislava – SK)
• 80 software and telecoms engineers
• Synergy of collocated telecoms and software departments in EMEA region
• Hundreds of projects delivered
• ∞ lines of source code written

Anritsu has constantly spearheaded each new generation of information and communications technology, and our aims for the future are no different. We will continue to work with our customers to create new visions and build new societies. We will continue our current trajectory to help create a safe, secure and comfortable future for people around the world. Watch this space!