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    IOT Tutorials

    Cisco IoT Control Center gives you many different ways to control and manage your IoT connectivity. The three videos below give you an easy overview and better understanding of how Control Center works, addressing frequently asked question and offering how-to step-by-step tutorials on how to manage and navigate your connectivity with  2CONTROL and Cisco IoT Control Center.


    Begin building your understanding of Cisco IoT Control Center step-by-step.



    Gain a deeper understanding on how to decipher your invoice and which devices have consumed the most data. Learn how to take action on devices that are on the wrong rate plan and change them to a more appropriate one.


    Learn more about both the diagnostics wizard and spotlight, which gives an overview and understanding of swim lanes. You will also learn how to send SMS’s and how to cancel location in order to interrupt a device’s connectivity.

    If there any questions or areas you would like us to focus on in future tutorials please get in touch and let us know!