Updated IoT Security with 2ACCESS

IoT Security

Tele2 IoT is pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded our 2ACCESS portfolio, which offers our customers improved reliability and scalability, along with top-level security.

Tele2 IoT’s 2ACCESS portfolio addresses one of the most important aspects of implementing IoT: security. The new offering gives customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the technology or cellular operator they prefer, while giving the ability to safely and remotely access devices in order to update, troubleshoot, or make changes from your own computer.

The benefits of the 2ACCESS upgrade are clear:

  • Improved reliability, scalability, and readiness for future technologies with the highest security
  • Mandatory geographic redundancy on the Tele2 IoT side
  • Compliance with latest cryptographic algorithm recommendations from NSA
  • Extreme low latency

Features & Functionality

  • Standard APN
  • Private APN
  • Private APN with IPSec VPN
  • Private APN with redundant IPSec VPN
  • Private APN with IPSec VPN & customer’s Radius integration
  • APN Alias
  • Private Interconnect

Private Interconnect is the next level of security where IPSec and public internet do not fulfil the professional security requirements, with dedicated fiber instead recommended. For companies interested in taking security to the maximum level, we will soon launch an offer with capacity that scales to any solution and also with extreme low latency.

To learn more about how 2ACCESS can help improve the security of your IoT solution, please get in touch.

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