Update on SIM Production & Delivery

Information regarding SIM deliveries during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic – an update on the current status:

Our warehouse has taken the appropriate precautions to minimize the spread of CV-19:

  • Personnel is working in shifts
  • All equipment is disinfected between shifts
  • No visitors are allowed

At this time, delivery and conditions are the same as previously.

Delivery From Warehouse

Currently, PostNord reports that deliveries to countries within Europe (EU, EK, Norway, Switzerland) are going ahead, although shipments may take longer than usual. For shipments outside of the EU, we are using UPS, which is maintaining delivery services other than where they are limited by government restrictions. At this time, none of our shipments have been affected.


The latest information we have received from our vendors (UICC SIM) indicates that staff are back on site in the factory in China and there should not be more than a two-day delay in orders. They have factories in other countries that have been able to maintain orders as they come in.

We will update this information as the situation develops. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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