Tele2 IoT launches LTE-M roaming with AT&T in the US

LTE-M roaming available in the US

Following the launch of its own LTE-M network, Tele2 is now proud to announce the launch of its first LTE-M roaming destination in collaboration with AT&T in the US. By providing access to LTE-M across the US, Tele2 greatly enhances the possibilities for its customers to deploy innovative IoT solutions and marks a significant step in the ongoing rollout of LTE-M roaming.

LTE-M is a dedicated radio access technology designed for massive IoT applications. As a cellular LPWA (low-power, wide area) technology, LTE-M brings seamless connectivity, supporting lower cost devices and longer battery life, enabling many new IoT use cases. LTE-M also supports existing IoT use cases previously based on 2G or 3G, making it a very versatile technology.

Tele2’s IoT customers currently enjoy a global connectivity reach with nearly than 500 networks in more than 180 countries. LTE-M was initially launched in Tele2’s Swedish network earlier this month. Ongoing roaming rollouts have been focused on Europe and the US, with the agreement with AT&T the first one to be launched.

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