25 August 2021. Tele2 IoT is proud to announce the launch of Cloud Interconnect in partnership with Equinix. This solution is ideal for IoT customers who want an easy connection to their cloud data centers.

Digital infrastructure and services are being accessed on demand at software speed via secure, software-defined interconnection. This means customers can easily and securely scale hybrid deployments, achieve network agility, directly connect to partners, and providers. 

Cloud Interconnect from Tele2 IoT connects you to your chosen Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with the help of Equinix Fabric portal and the already established backbone with fixed lines between Tele2 IoT and the Cloud Provider. The data is completely isolated in Tele2’s backbone fiber network, ensuring that you will not be exposed to the risks of the public Internet. You get simply connected to local cloud service providers Azure, AWS, Google, and Oracle that are locally present in Equinix Fabric in Stockholm and Amsterdam.  

Cloud Interconnect offers the lowest latency possible on the market. The best way to achieve the lowest latency is by choosing one CSP as close as possible to our local connections. This solution does not require the customer to have its own fixed line into the Tele2 Network. However, it is required that the customer has an agreement with (at least) one of the actual CSPs.  

Today we can offer local and remote connections to the following CSPs in the EMEA: Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud, and Oracle. The setup is fast thanks to there being no need to order Fixed Lines; Tele2 simply connects the chosen CSP with Equinix Fabric portal. 

We are proud to launch yet another service for customers where latency and security really matter.  

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Interconnect, please get in touch.