Tele2 IoT Furthers Collaboration with Cisco on Connectivity Management Platform 2CONTROL

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Tele2 launches an updated version of the IoT Connectivity Management Service 2CONTROL in collaboration with Cisco. The new platform is designed to better serve Tele2’s IoT customers’ needs in an increasingly diversified IoT market.

For the IoT customer, having a good connectivity platform is essential in terms of monitoring, diagnosing, and controlling subscriptions. As such, 2CONTROL now offers two options to the IoT Market, 2CONTROL Enterprise and 2CONTROL Enterprise Premium.

Enterprise is tailored towards customers who need connectivity management with minimal effort to get started, while Enterprise Premium is for companies in the IoT industry who are more focused on advanced functionality and customization.

  • With the upgrade and reshaping of 2CONTROL, we have created our own two flavors of a proven connectivity management solution catering to a broad range of needs across the IoT industry. We have accomplished this next step in the IoT journey together with our long-term collaborator Cisco, which is a renowned and established name on the IoT and connectivity management playing field, says Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director of Tele2 business area IoT.
  • Working closely with Tele2, we have designed a solution that supports a wide range of IoT use cases closely aligned with customers’ needs. We continue to drive innovation in the fast-growing market, and we are committed to simplifying the customers’ experience as they work to scale their IoT deployments, says Dave Wilson, Managing Director, Global IoT Sales, Cisco.

You can learn more about 2CONTROL Enterprise and 2CONTROL Enterprise Premium at

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