Tele2 Delivers 5G to the Delivery Robot HUGO

Tele2 IoT has signed an agreement with Hugo Delivery to test a 5G connection to the delivery robot Hugo. The robot will, among other things, be used for the last leg of deliveries – the ‘last mile’ – thus reducing environmental and economic costs. With the help of 5G, it can also be controlled remotely.  

Together with an industrial 5G modem from HMS Networks, Tele2 will deliver a 5G connection to the HUGO Delivery service. Deliveries can now take place at all hours of the day, completely silent and fossil-free.

With the help of autonomous, electrified vehicles, the environmental impact and emissions can be significantly reduced, compared to using vehicles that run on fossil fuels. We are pleased to have the opportunity to further develop Tele 2’s 5G offering together with HMS Networks, and together offer the market these types of innovative solutions supported by a reliable and stable 5G network, says Stefan Trampus, Business Area Manager, Tele2 B2B.

With a 5G connection, the robot can be controlled remotely through video streamed from cameras mounted on the back and front of the robot. This enabled the ‘driver’ to sit in a completely different place from the robot. Today, 4G is used, which does not have sufficient capacity to transmit video, and requires the driver to walk next to the robot to control it.  By remotely controlling autonomous vehicles, one driver per robot is no longer needed. Instead, the robots can be controlled centrally and monitored like a fleet.

– We have 5G solutions for autonomous vehicles and together with Tele2 will be able to offer our customers a fast 5G connection, which is often a prerequisite for commercializing autonomous transport. Many countries require remote control via video to be able to drive among other traffic, says Jens Jakobsen, Development Manager, HMS Networks.

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