Subscription Management Has Never Been Easier

2SWITCH launches

Today, Tele2 IoT is launching the latest version of its subscription management service, 2SWITCH. Based on the GSMA eUICC v.3.2 standard, it allows customers to change network provider over-the-air without physically replacing SIMs. Mobile operators and enterprise customers will have the same level of security and protection provided by removable SIMs, while also enjoying interoperability between operators.

Think of 2SWITCH as your insurance policy. You bought your global SIMs but maybe you’re not getting the service or coverage you now need on each individual market due to legal or commercial reasons. Of course, changing operators can mean physically replacing SIMs, something that is not just cost prohibitive but also labor intensive. 2SWITCH does away with the need and cost to physically replace SIMs, by provisioning a new Operator Profile over-the-air.

To reassure all participants that the eSIM ecosystem for IoT business is secure, a set of criteria that demonstrates compliance to the core requirements has been developed by GSMA. Tele2 IoT first released 2SWITCH in 2016 based on GSMA standard v2which enabled profile change using selected SIM vendor but we now support v3.2 which assures interoperability between operators independent of SIM vendor reducing look in effects and assuring future proofing as coming standard will be backward compatible.

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