SIM cards & Supply Chain: Update Q1 2022

As in a majority of industries, Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of the SIM manufacturing and the supply chain. Our vendors, warehouse, and logistic companies have all experienced challenges due to the pandemic.

To minimize the risk of spreading of the virus, vendors have reduced teams of staff working simultaneously. Additionally, our warehouse has followed national guidelines to make sure that only necessary personnel were working on site.

Schedulling shipments from the factory has also been a challenge due to commercial flights being cancelled and the demand for shipping spots increasing significantly. Tele2 IoT has taken all necessary measures to minimize the risk for delays in delivery of SIM cards.

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By having close communication with our vendors and monitoring how the pandemic affects countries where our factories are located, we have been able to plan the ordering and delivery of SIM cards to warehouses and, thus, to our customers.

During the pandemic, Tele2 IoT has chosen to collaborate with a strategic vendor to be able to continue delivering both SIM chips that were a part of the Tele2 IoT portfolio and new futureproof eUICC SIMs that make new services available for our customers.

Tele2 IoT is actively working with our customers to have the latest forecasts for SIM orders so we can allocate enough SIMs from our vendor. We have also increased the buffer of our stock in warehouse and planning of every order, making sure demand and supply is balanced.

During this year we will continue our close collaborations with our partners, and we have taken the necessary steps to secure the Tele2 IoT SIM portfolio while also developing new services for our SIMs and improving our supply chain.

While the Tele2 IoT Product & Tech team has been working closely with our vendors, warehouse and logistic companies, our superstar Sales teams and Customer Implementation team have made sure that our customers’ needs are represented. Hence, we have managed to keep the impact on SIM cards from both the pandemic and semiconductor shortage to a minimum. Tele2 IoT will continue to take the actions necessary to ensure we can deliver SIMs to our customers everywhere.

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