Senior Sales Managers Anders Nilsson & Pontus Nordin Join Tele2 IoT

Deepening our IoT pool of talent

Tele2 IoT hires Senior Sales Managers Anders Nilsson and Pontus Nordin. Anders Nilsson brings nearly two decades of B2B experience to Tele2 and strongly believes in the ability of IoT to enhance businesses and solve new challenges. He enjoys working within IoT due to it being a young and continually evolving industry with new technology all the time.

I’ve joined Tele2 IoT because of the culture. Being a Swede and being in this business area for decades means I know about Tele2 and what it stands for, so when there was an opportunity to join, I was ready for the opportunity. The Tele2 values, such as being fearless and being an entrepreneur, are values I respond to.

Anders Nilsson Senior Sales Manager Tele2 IoT

Pontus Nordin also brings decades worth of B2B experience to the table and says IoT is a creative pursuit in some ways, with the industry still finding new ways of utilizing the endless possibilities IoT offers when it comes to not just solving business challenges but also finding new ways to create business.

I’ve worked with Tele2’s competitors and it’s clear Tele2 IoT is a gamechanger. It really is a culture-driven company, which has always piqued by curiosity so when the opportunity to join came up, I was ready.

Pontus Nordin Senior Sales Manager Tele2 IoT

Tele2 IoT’s Head of Acquisition Sales Onur Kasaba says, “At Tele2, we truly believe that our employees are our company’s real competitive advantage. They are the ones making the magic happen and we try to attract and retain the best! The IoT world is a small one and success stories spread quickly. When our strategy to focus on Swedish and European markets was set, we already knew who could contribute best and our short list was ready.

“Therefore, we were very happy when Pontus and Anders decided to join us,” continues Onur Kasaba. “Both are individuals with their own exceptional qualities, but one common trait they have is their own gravitational fields. Fueled by long years of experience in B2B and IoT segments, they are known and trusted in the market. Already they have become major contributors in our sales force. Not only do they bring a tighter focus on customer relationship quality, but they are also great role models to the younger members of our team.

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