Roaming Update: 5G & LTE-M

Situation in Ukraine

We are following developments in Ukraine and at the time of this writing can still see that while some operators seem to be down, the network Kyivtsar still operational, but with unknown capacity and coverage.

Tele2 IoT continues adding more services and networks to our Roaming Portfolio

 We have launched 5G in another 23 roaming networks. In the EU and Europe, we have launched 18 new 5G networks. We have also launched four networks in Asia. We now offer 5G roaming in 52 networks around the world.  

When it comes to LTE-M we have added two new networks, in New Zealand and the Netherlands.  

Update on Sunsetting of 2G & 3G

Operators continue to introduce new network technologies and therefore are also looking to reuse network frequencies in a more efficient way. We are closely following the sunsetting of networks. Closing down a network is a complex activity which can cause delays in official plans. Therefore, our sunsetting list should be seen as indicative, and we urge you to have extra eyes on your specific markets of interests.  

Sunsetting in the US

This month we would like to remind you of US operators’ plan to sunset their 2G and 3G. AT&T closed their 2G in 2017 and have planned closed of their 3G network in February 2022. We still see traffic in AT&T’s 3G, but it should start declining and stop soon. For 4G compatible devices, 4G will continue to work for both data and SMS services; however, voice will no longer be available. In the US we also offer T mobile’s network. They are planning to sunset their 3G in June 2022, as well as 2G at the end of 2022.  

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