The main reason we exist is our great customers from all over the world – everything we do is centered around their present and future needs, along with our joint contribution in creating a smarter world. This also applies, to a great degree, to our operations: the customer and support business at Tele2 IoT. As a result we are happy to announce an addition to that team – our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) Remco Hekker, who starts the 1st of June and is based in Kista.

We sat down with Remco to get to know him better.

Welcome onboard Remco. Tell us a little bit about your experience within the area of IoT.
I come from 22-years at KPN, with the last 7 years being focused on M2M and IoT.  I’ve worked with everything from business operations to technical development. In 2012 I was amongst the first at the company to explore the possibilities of Lora and this led to the introduction of KPN’s Lora Network. In 2017 I became responsible for all KPN New Business IoT Operations, including Smart home, M2M, and Lora.

And the next chapter will take place at Tele2 IoT. Tell us, why did you choose Tele2 IoT?
Tele2 IoT has a very focused strategy which I think is a right approach in order to be successful within IoT. The company also has a very strong culture. These two things, together with a challenging role, made me chose Tele2 IoT.

What exactly will your responsibility be as COO at Tele2 IoT?
In my role I will, together with my teams, make sure that we continually deliver, and also over deliver, on the promises that we make towards our customers – whether it is a sale where we will onboard a new customer, a change that needs to be implemented, a support question that is raised or a fault that needs to be fixed. At the end of the day, we need to make sure we have happy customers. And with a team of professionals that are committed to doing this, we can make this happen.

What are you looking forward to the most?
I’m looking forward to working with a great team, and together with them contributing to outstanding customer satisfaction, making Tele2 IoT one of the top players on the market. When I start I will make sure to take my time to get to know the team and our customers, and of course deep dive into our offering. Even though I expect to be challenged every day going forward, I hope my experience in the area of Telco and IoT will enable me to contribute as well.

Before we let you go – tell us something about you personally.
One of my passions is cooking – I strive to make a fresh meal every day! Although I have a whole bookcase full of cook books I like to experiment a lot and design my own recipes. In my spare time, I also like to work with wood, building model ships. The combination of history and creating things with my hands makes me relax after a hard day’s work.