Reliable Connectivity

Connectivity you can count on

In order to increase reliability Tele2 IoT’s parent company, Tele2, has taken action to not just continue to deliver great connectivity, but to improve it.  Because we also use some of these assets, a number of changes to Tele2’s core and mobile networks will be beneficial to our IoT customers.

An analysis of the Tele2 mobile network concluded:

  • Tele2 has an excellent Radio Access Network (RAN) with great coverage
  • Tele2’s planned core network upgrades are in line with recommendations, without need to further increase capex investments
  • Simplification, standardization, and automation will be key going forward to avoid a complex network setup
  • Tele2’s network organization and its operational model can be improved to further increase operational experience
  • Operational processes and routines related to managing changes, incidents, and technology life cycles can be further improved within the new integrated network organization
  • Working in even closer cooperation with suppliers will further improve capacity management and incident handling

Additionally, the Tele2 mobile network was recently awarded as best in Sweden by the “P3 Mobile Benchmark 2019.” Earlier this year, Tele2’s network was also recognized for having the best 4G coverage in Sweden – another P3 benchmark.

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