NEWS Profile – Tele2 IoT´s New Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Cyril Deschanel

Get to know Cyril Deschanel

We at Tele2 IoT are happy to announce that our new Chief Commercial Officer – Cyril Deschanel – will join the team on the 9th of April. We have met him to get his thoughts about this new work chapter, and to get to know him as a person.

Welcome! Many of us are curious about your work background. Tell us a bit.
I have more than 20 years international experience as a business leader, including 15 years in the IoT space across the whole IoT value chain – hardware, managed connectivity and applications services. My primary focus has been commercial operations, with skills in direct and channel sales, business development and marketing. My passion is to transforming organizations info fast growing engines, which I have done both on a global and regional level.

I strongly believe in a customer and people driven leadership, and my most significant achievements have been in the area of building, inspiring and managing high performing multicultural commercial teams to win new business across a large number of vertical markets, regions, and technologies.

You have really been in the IoT business for a long time. What made you choose Tele2 IoT as your next step?
Taking on new challenges, that gives me more responsibility and makes it possible for me to develop my skills has always been key drivers for me in my professional journey. The role as CCO of Tele2 IoT simply meets my ambition and expectations in terms of developing. Concerning Tele2 IoT as a company, I am particularly attracted by the ambition, the agility and the great success of Tele2 IoT, as well as per the strong commitment and support from Tele2 Group. Not to mention the vision and entrepreneurial experience from Rami Avidan, CEO of Tele2 IoT. A strong reason for me wanting to be a part of his leadership team.

So, what are you looking forward to the most?
Oh, there are many things that I am looking forward to. First to pursue my dream where all of us will enjoy a better life, and all companies will be digitally transformed through IoT technology. Second to strongly contribute to bringing Tele2 IoT to the next level in term of commercial performance and market position. And, last but not least, I do look forward to inspiring and driving the already highly skilled Tele2 IoT teams to become the best in class IoT commercial teams worldwide.

In terms of IoT. How will the industry look like in a near future?
Well, the person who can precut what will happen in the future is already my idol ? But if I reflect a bit… I think we are creating the future. Creating the future is our main objective when we work with new technology such as IoT. From my point of view, the IoT market will be just immense and beyond imagination. It will be even more exciting than today because IoT enables faster and better new applications on a daily basis. Some vertical markets, with still today lower IoT penetration, will offer huge opportunities to the IoT ecosystem such as consumer, health, security and smart cities. I am also convinced that complementary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will play a key role to make IoT market grow even faster by creating infinite opportunities

And on a personal note. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love spending time with family and friends and also playing with my three wonderful kids. Travelling is also a big part of my life since I love to meet and connect with new people and to learn to know new cultures. For example, I speak six languages fluently, and language is a part of experiencing a culture and its people. I try to do some sports as well. The ones I enjoy the most are skiing, running and all kind of racquet sports.

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