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    Meet Tele2 IoT’s new CEO Greg Lensch

    Tele2 IoT is happy to welcome our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Greg Lensch, who has joined the team at Tele2’s headquarters in Kista as of 11 June 2019.  With Greg at the helm, Tele2 IoT will continue to grow, serve our customers, and build on our world-class offering.

    Welcome to Tele2 IoT, Greg!  You’ve been in the telecoms business for a long time – tell us a bit about your career.
    Well, at university I studied Radio. Television & Film and I thought I was going to work in film or video production, but it turned out there weren’t a lot of well-paying jobs in that. Luckily, my degree also included a lot about the Internet and emerging technologies, so my first job was in paging sales for a big US telecoms company – and, as they say, the rest was history.

    It wasn’t long before I migrated towards customer demand and technology – and I fell in love with the industry. Since then, I’ve done everything from sales and product management to product development, marketing sales, and general management – all in big global organizations and always in B2B.

    Much of my childhood was spent in Mexico and Brazil so working internationally has been a natural fit. Even when I was based in the States, I was working in London, and following a company merger, I moved to Belgium in 2004 to head up an international team. It’s been about seven years since I turned my focus to the Nordics, and I’ve been living in Sweden during this time.

    You said you’ve always worked in B2B – what is it you like about it?
    There’s a cultural aspect to B2B that you don’t get in B2C. With B2B you have a completely different marketing perspective, trying to figure out why a company would invest in a particular proposition and helping them see the advantages of your product. That’s where you find the fun – and the challenges.  You also get into much more interesting negotiations while meeting people from different walks of life – and some of those people go on to be good friends, even on the client side.

    What is it about Tele2 IoT that attracted you?
    Again, the culture: if you ask people who have worked in this industry in Sweden what their favorite assignment has been, nearly every single one will name Tele2. There’s an energetic go-getter environment that you don’t find other places, which is really attractive in a company.

    The Tele2 IoT team is very driven and the mindset of the team is to always act as a solution-minded partner.  I think I can leverage and augment that talent and passion.

    That we also have a competitive portfolio and high service quality makes it even more exciting for me.  Evolving our offering so that it doesn’t just retain its value, but continues to add value is going to benefit our customers enormously, both those who have already joined us on the IoT journey and those who will be joining us along the way.

    What are you looking forward to the most as CEO?
    It goes without saying that I am really excited. It’s a big challenge that I expect is also going to be an enormous amount of fun. Leading a professional, talented team that is always ready to do what it takes to be the right partner for the right circumstances feels fantastic.

    I’ve been working in large organizations my entire career and I promised myself that when I made my next big career move it would be doing something where I could have a direct impact on shareholder value while delivering the highest value to our customers. I know that with the commitment of the entire Tele2 IoT team, we will collectively make that happen.

    Before you go, can you tell us a bit about life outside of work?
    Absolutely!  I love spending with my wife and two sons. Travel, fine food, fine wine – these all contribute to a full life.  I love languages and try my best to speak four, I play golf, football, and tennis when I can, and I’m an avid snowboarder – the steeper the better! On top of that I play drums in a few bands and enjoy reading.  Something I’m very proud of is being a scout leader in the Svenska Scounterna – the only English-speaking Scout troop within Sweden.