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    IOT Talks 2021Innovating the Ordinary

    You can watch the entire event - or pick and choose which bits are of interest to you.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Part 1

    IoT Talks 2021 – Innovating the Ordinary brought together customers, keynote speakers, and everything IoT, including drones, electric boats, smart city solutions, and sustainable ways to boost your company’s bottom line.

    If you missed the event this is your opportunity to see what all the buzz is about. You can watch the whole event, or you can watch individual clips.  Either way, we hope you find inspiration, knowledge, and plenty of of insights.

    And of course, if you would like to learn more about how Tele2 IoT can help you enable your business, you are more than welcome to get in touch.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Part 2

    Here you can watch part 2 of Tele2 IoT Talks – Innovating the Ordinary, filmed at Quality Hotel Friends in Stockholm.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Elonroad & Everdrone

    Elonroad is expanding electric vehicle charging using existing road infrastructure, while Everdrone is using advanced drone technology to enable better medical deliveries, among other applications useful to society.

    Featuring Elonroad CEO Karin Ebbinghaus and Everdrone CEO Mats Sällström.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Candela & X-Shore

    Electric boat innovators Candela and X-Shore discuss their two different approaches to the electric boat revolution.

    Featuring Candela Head of Communications Mikael Mahlberg and Christofer ‘Cricke’ Rosengren, CTO at X-Shore.




    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Nordic Choice Hotels & Speeron

    In 2021, Tele2 IoT partnered with Nordic Choice Hotels and Speeron to open the Nordic’s first 5G and IoT-connected hotel in downtown Stockholm.

    Featuring Nordic Choice Hotel’s Head of Future Innovation Christian Lundén, Speeron CTO Andrej de Godzinsky, and Tele2 IoT Managing Director Cyril Deschanel.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: C.THINGS.CO & N.I.D.

    C.THINGS.CO and N.I.D. have joined forces to develop smart city solutions with a focus on utilities, particularly those around water, such as sewage systems, hydrants, and water system management.

    Featuring C.THINGS.CO Founder/CEO Arnold Wierzejski and N.I.D. CEO Niclas Rønne.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Keynote Speaker Ulf Seijmer

    In his keynote speech, Chief Innovation Officer Ulf Seijmer’s takes a closer look at technology, including 5G and beyond.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Enjay

    Enjay’s innovation Lepido is the world’s first heavy duty heat exchange system, developed specifically for polluted exhaust air.

    Featuring Enjay Founder and Vice-President Nils Lekeberg.

    IoT Talks - Innovating the Ordinary: Sustainability

    Tele2 Head of Corporate Communications Joel Ibsen discusses the impact of sustainability on real business cases.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Natalia Project

    Tele2 is incredibly proud to support the efforts of the Civil Rights Defender’s Natalia Project, which is critical in keeping Human Rights Defenders safe in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

    Featuring Marcin de Kaminski, Director Security & Innovation at Civil Rights Defenders.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Targa Telematics

    Targa Telematics is Europe’s fastest growing telematics company, working with smart mobility in a sustainable way.

    Featuring Alberto Falcione, Vice President of Sales at Targa Telematics.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Technology

    Tele2 Executive Vice President CTIO Yogesh Malik discusses everything 5G and technology surrounding IoT.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Equinix Sweden & Security

    Security is incredibly important to your IoT solution. Tele2 IoT has partnered with Equinix Sweden to offer heightened security to our customers with our Private Interconnect and Cloud Interconnect security solutions.

    Featuring Equinix Sweden CEO Maria Sundwall.

    IoT Talks 2021 - Innovating the Ordinary: Tele2 CEO Kjell Johnsen

    Tele2 CEO Kjell Johnsen wraps up the day with a discussion about Tele2’s vision and where we are heading both with technology and with IoT in particular.