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    IOT TalksRotterdam

    Join the IoT event of the year and make the world a smarter place!

    Creating a SmarterWorld Together

    At Tele2 IoT smarter means focusing on what we do best while being ready to adapt to any situation, whether you’re working on five continents or in five cities. It means having an agile and flexible approach, using both our own experts and our carefully curated partner ecosystem.

    To us, smarter means better: thinking green and being fearless. It means not just leading into the future but creating the future as we go. Smart means being daring enough to think big, start small, and scale fast.

    Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do – but it isn’t everything we do.
    We create a smarter world for you, with you.


    Oct 17, 2018
    Onderzeebootloods @ Port of Rotterdam


    08:30 - 09:30

    Registration, coffee, and exhibition

    09:30 - 09:40

    Welcome to IoT Talks

    Moderator: David Bergstedt & Mona Bardagji, Tele2 IoT

    - 10:10

    Opening Keynote: Creating a Smarter World together

    Ingrid Wistrand

    Co-Founder & CEO Tele2 IoT

    10:10 - 10:40

    Expert Keynote: Insights on C-suite IoT survey IBM conducted with 3000+ customers

    Remy Mandon, VP Watson IoT Europe, IBM

    10:40 - 11:10

    Partner Keynote: How to grow your business with IoT and analytics

    Gertjan Edelijn

    Frequent IoT speaker / Operations & Sales Manager, Axians

    11:10 - 11:40


    Coffee, mingle, exhibition

    11:40 - 12:10

    Partner Keynote: IoT Enablement beyond Borders and Technologies

    Jim Morrish

    Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Nokia WING

    12:10 - 12:40

    Inspirational Keynote: Material Matters

    Sabine Oberhuber

    Co-founder, Turntoo

    12:40 - 13:00

    Digital Turbulence

    Melissa Jenkins

    CTO, Tele2 IoT

    14:00 - 14:40

    Lunch, mingle, exhibition

    14:00 - 14:40

    CxO panel: How’s IoT going with you?

    How’s IoT really helping and growing your business?

    Listen to top executives discuss their daily operations and share their best practices.

    Confirmed panelists:

    -Remy Mandon, VP Watson IoT Europe, IBM

    -Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director EMEA, Eagle Eye Networks

    -Hans Damen, Leader Taskforce Logistics, Ministerie van Defensie

    -Jasper Brinkman, Innovation Manager Security & Smart Homes, Feenstra

    14:40 - 17:00

    See IoT in action / Exhibition

    Live demos on main stage with our selected partners, moderated by Melissa Jenkins.

    Exhibition in the other hall.


    Demo programme:

    14:40-15:00 Tele2 IoT: Experience IoT like never before – 2Discover the full potential of your assets

    15:00-15:15 SIM Services & Ximedes: Internet of Coffee

    15:15-15:30 Advantech: Making Your Things Talks With Our IoT Trial Kit

    15:30-15:45 Cisco Jasper: Control Center Automation Engine – Lower the cost and automate your business

    15:45-16:00 Closing Remarks by Melissa Jenkins, CTO at Tele2 IoT

    They'll talk about IoT

    Ingrid Wistrand

    Co-founder, Tele2 IoT

    Ingrid is the founder and Deputy CEO of the Internet of Things/Machine-to-Machine company for the Tele2 Group. She started up Tele2’s engagement in M2M and IoT in 2012, and has since established Tele2 IoT as a leading player in the space. Ingrid has 20 years’ profound experience in the telecommunication industry, working in various managerial positions in mobile operators, telecom vendors and as a management consultant. The last six years she has spent with Tele2. Her specialties include strategic thinking, business analysis and operational management with strong people skills. Ingrid has an M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden and University of California, Berkeley in the US.

    Sabine Oberhuber

    Co-founder at Turntoo and change maker for the circular economy

    Sabine Oberhuber is convinced that the key to real change is in people's consciousness. She is co-founder of Turntoo and works with organizations to develop circular business cases and strategies. As a partner of Thomas Rau she has been involved since its inception in the development of RAU and Oneplanetarchitecture Institute. Previously she worked as Corporate Strategist and Manager Internet Strategy in the strategic planning for Reed Business Information Netherlands and Continental Europe.

    Sabine loves complex issues and groundbreaking themes. In addition to analysis she especially urges for synthesis because that leads to perspectives that take into account the bigger picture. In her work for the circular economy her passion for the planet and her fascination with intellectual and interdisciplinary challenges come together.

    Melissa Jenkins

    CTO, Tele2 IoT

    Melissa is CTO for Tele2’s Internet of Things company. She heads up the Product & Technology department and focuses on driving the innovation as well as development of solutions for IoT connectivity and the value-added services around it.

    Melissa has been actively involved with M2M and IoT solutions across a wide variety of industries since year 2000, and worked for several telecom operators and blue chip companies. She understands the blend between complex communications technologies and the commercial reality of implementation and delivery. Her full stack experience covers a broad variety of fixed and wireless networking technologies and integration patterns.

    Remy Mandon

    VP Watson IoT for IBM Europe

    Remy Mandon is the VP of Watson IoT for IBM Europe. In his tenure Remy is helping Customers from multiple industries to innovate faster and shorten their “time to insight”, using data coming from their connected devices or connected operations to design better products and solutions to create new customer engagement models.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, Remy has deep expertise in Application Integration, Analytics, Data Management for Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data type. Remy joined IBM from Oracle in 2001 and currently works in the Worldwide HQ of Watson IoT in Munich, where he lives. During his 17 years with IBM, he has held various positions in France as well as in the USA where he was the Executive Assistant/Chief of staff to the IBM General Manager of IBM Worldwide Software Sales. Remy holds degrees from University of Paris Descartes in Economics and Sales, and from London Metropolitan University in Business and Languages.

    Jim Morrish

    Head of Strategy and Partnerships, Nokia WING

    Jim is a respected IoT industry expert, with over 20 years’ experience of strategy development and operations management. He has recently joined Nokia’s WING division as Head of Strategy and Partnerships. He is Chairman of the Industrial Internet Consortium's Business Strategy Task Group and led the development of the IIC’s Business Strategy and Innovation Framework publication. He is also Co-Chair of the IIC’s Business Strategy and Solution Lifecycle Working Group, and is responsible for the addition of the term Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking to the lexicon of the IoT.

    Prior to joining Nokia, Jim was a co-founder and the Chief Research Officer of Machina Research, the leading industry analyst and consulting firm in the IoT space, exiting via sale to Gartner in late 2016. He has also co-authored a book on Enterprise IoT (ISBN 978-1491924839).

    Gertjan Edelijn

    Frequent IoT speaker / Operations & Sales Manager, Axians

    Born omni functional, (I)IoT passionate and connecting people, machines, cities and universes, Gertjan Edelijn is Axians’ new (I)IoT Acquisition. As an IoT passionate, in his role he guides new innovations from Axians to full market potential. Taking in account not only the technical aspects of an IoT solution but also the human, systematic and organizational changes that come with it.

    Gertjan wore many commercial and managerial hats in his career at various innovative and disruptive tech companies in different industries from SMEs to fortune 500. Allowing him to develop his skills in sales, business development, business consulting, marketing and (I)IoT. Gertjan is a frequent speaker and and has also organized masterclasses and several large (I)oT events in the past. Check out his LinkedIn page for his showreel, articles and blogs about (I)IoT.

    Brigadier General Hans Damen

    Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics and leader of the Netherlands Ministry of Defense Taskforce Logistics

    Brigadier General Hans Damen is the Leader of the Taskforce Logistics, working on logistic inter-service, interagency, interdepartmental and international cooperation and furthering (military) logistic cooperation, Host Nation Support and Military Mobility within the European Union and NATO.

    General Damen has extensive experience in command & control, force planning, logistics and politico- military affairs. In recent years he served as director of support of the Royal Netherlands Army, commander of the Army Maintenance and Logistic Command, deputy commander of the Army Operational Support Command, Commander of the Logistic Training Center and as a military diplomat at NATO. He has a special interest in the marketing of Armed Forces. As unofficial Chief Disruption Officer of the Netherlands Ministry of Defense he promotes innovation in the Dutch military and cooperation with industry.

    Jasper Brinkman

    Innovation Manager Security & Smart Home, Feenstra

    Jasper is an enthusiastic, innovative and pragmatic manager at Nuon & Feenstra. He heads the Feenstra Security and Alarm Control Netherland alarm(monitoring) center and is closely involved in the development of new products and services for the customers of Feenstra and Nuon with the aim of offering additional services to its customers.

    Jasper has, after the sale of his security company in 2001 to Nuon various successful new products and services developed. He is a gadget freak and is constantly looking for new opportunities that add value to customers. In addition to supplying energy and boiler solutions we also supply Security, Smart Thermostat, E-Mobility car charging and solar solutions. At the moment he is closely involved with the development of new smart-home products to bring the technology to our customers out to be sure that deliver what we promise and we want to make fossil-free living possible within one generation.

    Rishi Lodhia

    Managing Director EMEA, Eagle Eye Networks

    Rishi Lodhia is a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in cloud-based video surveillance. He disrupted the video surveillance industry several times by taking a quantum leap ahead of the market with new innovations. As CEO and Co-Founder of Cameramanager, he launched one of the world’s first cloud-based video surveillance platform, and as CEO of Panasonic Cloud Management Service Europe, he launched NuboCam, the world’s first 4G/LTE video surveillance camera.

    In 2013, Cameramanager was acquired by Panasonic. Since June 2017, the company belongs to Eagle Eye Networks, where Rishi holds the position of Managing Director for the EMEA region.