Global IoT connectivity & roaming in 190+ countries

Reliable and flexible global IoT connectivity solutions suitable for companies of any size

Cellular connectivity in 5 cities or across 5 continents

All IoT technologies supported

We provide the full suite of IoT technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and VoLTE. Our experts will guide you through sunsetting
of 2G/3G and into the future.

Global roaming

Deploy globally in more than 190 countries. Start in one region and scale as you grow – or deploy globally from the beginning.
We are here to support your business

Reliable connectivity services

SMS, voice, or data? We offer all the services needed to support any IoT use case. 600+ networks available based on Tele2 roaming agreements. We quality test each network we cooperate with

Flexible pricing

7 geographical price zones allow you to deploy locally, regionally, or globally in a cost-conscious way. Pay-as-you-go, bulk overage, or flexible pool models – select the one that suits you best

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IoT Connectivity




Test our global connectivity with 5 SIMs and access to our connectivity management platform 2CONTROL

Customers powered by Tele2 IoT connectivity

Flexibility is key work in the construction business. Our cooperation with Tele2 IoT is unique, as it perfectly fits our business model, only paying for connectivity when we use it.

Björn Svennefors, CTOInfofabric

Tele2 IoT made things easy: first setting up a test environment and then giving us a single platform, 2CONTROL, from which to manage our connectivity. Even more importantly, Tele2 IoT offers local roaming solutions, so there is another system ready to act as a backup.

Hans Jörg Holzer, HydrogrpaherDepartment of Water Management, Styria

Our entire sensor is an IoT device with a SIM in it. We used to use customer WiFi but it was too unreliable. When you’re working with this many sensors in one place you want them all to be aligned, otherwise you can’t really visualize the flow of people, so moving to incorporating SIMs and stable cellular connectivity was the natural next step.

Alexander Bucur, CEOMeltspot

More IoT solutions to strengthen your business

IoT connectivity management platform

Manage your connectivity and devices from one connectivity management platform. 2CONTROL CMP is powered by Cisco – the world’s leading connectivity management platform

IoT security

Safeguard even the most sensitive IoT data with multi-layered security enabled by private APN, IP-SEC VPN, and Interconnect services


Professional services

Accelerate and grow your business with our IoT expert advisory, 24/7 premium support, and extended SLA

IoT SIM cards

Commercial and industrial IoT SIM cards in any form factor or format. eSIMs and remote SIM provisioning, easy migration between networks

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