VDH Products BV is a Dutch company with 39 years of experience in developing and producing mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring temperature, pressure, and relative humidity. They are known for the innovation and reliability of their solutions. Combined with the high quality of its products, VDH is the first choice in number of areas, including:

  • Agriculture and Market gardening, ensuring the timely ripening of overseas fruits such bananas, mangoes, and avocados
  • Heating and ventilation technology, controlling the temperature and CO2 level in the university rooms, making sure students are staying fresh
  • Machine building and spray booths for the automotive industry, with their machines installed in the factories of most of the Dutch major car manufacturers.

VDH Products has its own excellent Research & Development department where their highly-qualified engineers never stop innovating. About five years ago the idea of start to experiment with connected products was born, and since then they have been searching for a company ready to accept the challenge.

“It didn’t really become reality until I met Dennis and Rami, who after a short discussion said that they were ready to take on this technologically sophisticated project,” explains Henk Westera, Managing Director of VDH Products BV.

Tele2 IoT: Ensuring Secure Communication

The decision was made to start with a proof of concept for VDH connected spray booths, used by the Dutch automotive industry giants. Tele2 IoT used its crawl-walk-run methodology, ensuring timely steps for the evolvement of the proof of concept. As a result of the proof of concept, VDH service engineers can now monitor the devices remotely. If the situation requires performing a troubleshooting to the system or performing a software installation for devices, VDH service engineers can do that regardless of the location of the equipment.

“It was an incredibly close collaboration of our engineers and Tele2 IoT solution consultants, who were very attentive, supportive and goal-oriented in their activities,” says Henk Westera, “Together with Tele2 IoT, we are looking forward to doing more proof of concepts with various VDH products in regions around the world”

Bright Plans For the Future

“I would argue that constant innovation is a single most important thing for any modern industrial company willing to become faster and more customer-centric!” says Henk. “VDH innovation recipe consists of a few crucial elements: Find the group of changemakers driving the innovation, start small to avoid pitfalls and share your thoughts and knowledge with customers and industry specialist, to even further evolve your solution.”