Tunstall Brings Quality of Life and Safety to Elderly Care

Tele2health and IoT

Tunstall – the leading elderly telehealth company in the world – wanted to create a solution to offer elderly people more safety, high-quality care services and increased security. So Tunstall adopted a Tele2 IoT solution that incorporates an always-available IoT connectivity, local roaming and a top-quality do-it-yourself management portal into its elderly care monitoring solution.With these innovations Tunstall has seen an increase of 15% in customer satisfaction.

Tunstall innovates to meet elderly care needs

Tunstall Healthcare is the world’s leading provider of telehealthcare solutions for the elderly, operating in over 50 countries and supporting more than 3.6 million people worldwide. Tunstall’s technology helps older people and those with long-term care needs live a ful llingand safe life.

Recognizing that aging populations in developed regions of the world are leading more active and independent lifestyles, Tunstall wanted to offer high-availability in-home and in-facility monitoring and care solutions to help provide safety and added physical security for the elderly.

Tunstall’s prior IoT connectivity solution did not offer high enough reliability nor enough visibility into the functioning of the solution: Tunstall needed both to ensure a highly reliable solution and rapid repair and response times. When an alarm on a Tunstall device rings, Tunstall wants to identify the issue and take corrective action. Tunstall needed a partner with the same focus on quality and customer service – one that could provide highly reliable connectivity on its and other operators’ mobile networks as well as transparency and exibility in operations.

Tele2 IoT provides the tools

So Tunstall turned to Tele2 to provide connectivity, a do-it-yourself managed connectivity platform, local roaming, pro-active support and great pricing. Tunstall was particularly impressed with the Tele2 managed connectivity platform that gave Tunstall visibility into all of its IoT devices. So if there is a problem with a monitoring alarm or video device, Tunstall can identify the problem itself and resolve issues. “We can do much of the trouble identification by ourselves. Resolving issues more quickly allows Tunstall to be better to our customers,” states Anna Skogh, Head of Operations, Tunstall Sweden.

Tunstall had several choices of IoT partners, but as Skogh from Tunstall states, “The Tele2 solution is the best in the market, because of the whole package they delivered to us. They always find the best solution for us.”

Elderly care solution increases customer satisfaction 15%

Tunstall prides itself on providing a high- quality, affordable monitoring solution to its elderly customers. And Tunstall has been delighted to see customer satisfaction increase 15% as customers witnessed the increased reliability of the solution.

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