March 05, 2019 10:27 CET

Tracking Stolen Assets: IoT Keeps Them Safe

Reclaiming valuable assets with IoT

Regent Mobile has three red threads running through its product line: security, remotely reading asset data, and logistics. And the Dutch company, which has been operating since 2013, develops products that aren’t just designed to address customer’s current needs, but that also take into account what lies ahead when it comes to tracking your assets.

“Our customers come from the construction, marine, agriculture, and mobility sectors – anything that moves we track, essentially,” explains Tim Stok, CEO Regent Mobile. “So it’s important that we have a global roaming solution that works. Tele2 IoT always chooses the best network available, which is incredibly important when it comes to our tracking devices: with other operators, when our customers moved across and along borders, there is down time. But with Tele2 IoT’s global roaming solution we haven’t experienced that.”

The case at a glance

Company: Regent Mobile

Region: The Netherlands

Sector:  Asset management

Challenge: Recover stolen farm equipment before it left the country.

Solution: ICCID entered into 2DISCOVER. Unit located, with relevant information immediately sent to police, insurance company, and the owner.

Result: Equipment recovered and perpetrators apprehended


Providing global roaming connectivity is one piece of the package that Tele2 IoT delivers to Regent Mobile. Another is 2DISCOVER, which offers analytics, behaviour, and most importantly when it comes to tracking assets, location insights. This is something Regent Mobile has experienced first hand.

“About a year ago, I called our Tele2 IoT Manager about an asset that had been stolen – someone had jammed the device or put the unit in a container and we had no coverage,” explains Stok. “At the time Tele2 IoT was testing a new product, 2DISCOVER, and ten minutes later I was logging in – and immediately saw that the unit we were trying to track had connected early that morning. While we didn’t find the unit at that time it was recovered the following morning.”

Stok says that in maybe 30% of thefts they can’t get a GPS signal – thieves put the machine or car into a container and either block the signal with lead plates or with Mylar blankets (space blankets).  This is where 2DISCOVER is very helpful to both Regent Mobile and to its customers.

“Western Europe is an important market for us, but we’re also expanding into the US and even Brazil, so having a global partner like Tele2 IoT is important.”

“Early one Saturday morning our help desk got a call. Our customer, a farmer in a small Dutch village, reported that a €40 thousand machine had been stolen, along with some smaller machines and some parts worth an additional €20 thousand,” explains Stok. “We immediately went to 2DISCOVER, entered the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number, located the unit, and immediately sent this information to the Dutch police, the insurance, company and the farmer.”

With the specific module installed on the machine 2DISCOVER was the only option when it came to recovering it, other than waiting for the GPS to go live again, which wasn’t going to happen if it was blocked.

“The farmer found the machinery about 40 km away from where it had been stolen from. It was on a trailer with the two thieves in the cab. The farmer and his two sons used their truck to block the thieves while waiting for the police.

“The two thieves ran off across a field, trying to escape,” laughs Stok. “And now that farmer and his village have a story they’ll be talking about for a long time.”