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In just one year, Trackson has become the fastest growing fleet management solution in Sweden. The company founders have a background in telecommunications and began their journey selling classic B2B solutions from Tele2 B2B (Tele2 Företag). When Trackson developed its tracking solution, it turned to Tele2 IoT for their IoT-based solutions.  

Simplicity is the key word when it comes to Trackson’s vehicle tracking solution – and there’s a good reason why. In Sweden, the tax authorities recommend that you log every trip taken by a company-owned vehicle. You can do it manually or you can digitalize the process, making it smooth and easy to not just comply with regulations, but to also understand more about your company cars and other vehicles. Their ambition is to give companies the simplest, easiest way to track their vehicles and stay on top of regulations.

“It takes just one minute to install our tracking device,” says Johan Bergström, CEO Trackson. “You simply put the device in your company vehicle, and it will log and generate reports on every trip, including things like car ID, stops and starts, driver behavior, route taken, fuel consumption, and whether it was a private trip or a work-related one. We keep it simple and easy to use for our customers, which lets them focus on their business without worrying about being in compliance with regulations.”


Trackson’s phenomenal growth from fledgling startup to fastest growing fleet management company in the country the result of several key things: firstly, they identified a market segment that wasn’t being served by some of the bigger fleet management players. While Trackson has customers with hundreds of vehicles in their fleet, their initial focus has been on customers with between five and twenty vehicles, where they saw a gap in the market.

“These companies often need the most straightforward version of things, without a lot of extra features that nine times of ten are not necessary or used by the majority of customers,” explains Johan Bergström. “These smaller companies with maybe fifteen or twenty employees just want something that is easy to use and that covers their needs – but also something that can grow with them and give them the focused support they require. We’ve ticked those boxes. We also saw that technically speaking there wasn’t a very good product out there on the market and we knew we could develop a better one.”

We put more time on our customers, keeping a close and ongoing after-market relationship – we don’t just sell the service and never get in touch again.

John Byström Chairman of the Board – Trackson

There are any number of companies already offering tracking solutions, and although the Swedish market isn’t yet saturated, plenty of new players are entering the segment. So, what makes Trackson stand out.

“We communicate to the market that we’re the easiest solution,” says Johan Bergström. “So, we’re not the system that has the most features or the lowest price, but we do have the solution that is the easiest one to install and use, and this is something a lot of companies are looking for.

The Trackson platform, for example, is very simple, without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. There is both the Trackson platform for your desktop and an app for your phone. The desktop view has more features than the app, which is simplified and designed for the driver to easily track his or her trip.

“A lot of our competitors started much earlier than us and have built features upon features into their platforms,” says Johan Bergström. “But for us, we focus on our customers’ needs and helping them address their challenges in the simplest, easiest way possible. So, a feature might look super cool, but we always ask if the customer really needs it and if it adds any real value.

“That said, we listen to our customers and add new features based on their needs. Our close relationship with our customers means the features we add are ‘tailor made’ and on demand so that we know that every feature added brings real value to our customers without adding any unnecessary costs.”

Trackson & IoT

The Trackson trackers are a classic IoT solution: the trackers are dependent on the software, but also on the hardware and all of it needs connectivity, with a SIM card in the device in order to transfer data. When choosing a connectivity provider, Trackson turned to Tele2 IoT for answers.

“We checked the market for different alternatives, but knew we wanted a Swedish partner in case issues arose, as we wanted easy communication,” explains Johan Bergström. “We spoke with Tele2 IoT sales manager Idris Qaderi and he was able to give us what we needed in terms of connectivity and price, and also a deal that accommodates growth and expansion – although I don’t think Idris thought we would have so many SIMs deployed in such a short amount of time!”

Trackson currently has thousands of SIMs deployed, with hundreds more ready to be deployed in the coming months – and these are numbers that are growing quickly.

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Right now, we’re operating in Sweden, but our plan is to expand into the Nordic region this year. We also have the set to support expansion across Europe through Tele2 IoT roaming.

When it comes to data, Trackson has a flexible data pool, which is important considering that some of their customers have people driving their vehicles all day, every day and use a lot of data, while others might drive their vehicle once a day or once a week. The flexible data pool means Trackson can combine the data from all deployed SIMs.

2CONTROL (Cisco IoT Control Center) is another reason we chose Tele2 IoT – you have the best portal to control our deployments. Also, there are easy ways to integrate the features and the administration towards our system. We will continue to expand how we use it and our head developer likes it and thinks it’s very easy to work with.”

Trackson currently uses 2G, but given the coming sunsetting of this technology, the company already has hardware that will support both 2G and LTE-M. LTE-M in particular will be very helpful with the company’s anti-theft devices. While vehicle tracking devices rely on the car’s battery for power, anti-theft devices run on battery, so LTE-M will be a great solution due to the long battery life.

The Future

Trackson’s current IoT-based offering includes different trackers, including the vehicle trackers and the anti-theft trackers, but they are also developing other product categories.

“We’re expanding and it’s going very, very well for us right now,” says Johan Bergström. “The first six months we had revenue of 11 million SEK, and our monthly revenue now if we continue this pace, we’ll be well beyond that very soon. As we expand with new salespeople and into new countries, I believe we will continue to be the fastest-growing company in this segment. Why? Because a lot of customers came to us after getting poor service from our competitors. We put a lot of time on our customers, and we don’t plan on changing that, even when we start working with bigger fleet companies. We’re growing fast but we’re also taking each step carefully, remembering what has created our success from the start.”

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