The Electric Ride: VOI e-scooters Are Ready For Take-off With IoT

E-scooters are transforming urban travel

Shared electric scooters are taking European cities by storm, with VOI at the forefront of the sustainable e-scooter revolution. The pioneering green shared mobility scooter company isn’t yet a year old but is already expanding beyond the shores of its native Sweden – with the help of Tele2 IoT.

When an exciting new startup starts growing at an astonishing rate there are bound to be growing pains along the way – and these need to be addressed quickly and efficiently.  Sweden’s VOI, a pioneer in shared mobility, is one such startup: scaling fast and with the help of Tele2 IoT, bringing its green transport solution to Europe’s urban masses.

“Ultimately, our vision is to reclaim our cities, which are made for living, not for cars. At VOI we believe shared mobility plays a central role in this,” says Simon Fellin, Vice President Product at VOI. “We are an enabler, a game-changer, and we are eager to not just be at the forefront of this transformative revolution, but also to act as a driver in using innovative technology.”

VOI’s technology is powered by Tele2 IoT connectivity – and with the help of partners such as Tele2 IoT’s Service Management team, that technology is being optimized even as the company enjoys exponential growth.

“VOI is a fantastic and very exciting company to work with,” says Nicklas Löthén, Head of Service Management at Tele2 IoT. “They’re at the forefront of this sustainable wave, which is driven by a groundswell of demand from the public, who want a reliable, efficient, and green way to zip across cities. VOI takes the user experience beyond the expected, while keeping a focus on safety.

“That VOI is doing this as they rapidly scale in an extremely competitive market makes our job that much more interesting.  In conjunction with VOI and others, we’re working on multiple levels to help streamline their business model and move to the next level of success.”

VOI is continually evolving and improving, and some of the areas the company is working on with Tele2 IoT is improving shipping logistics, as well as streamlining production. Even more importantly, though, is Tele2 IoT working with Voi in improving deployments and optimizing devices.

“Tele2 IoT has been very helpful in providing us with guidelines for optimizing the performance of and maximizing the uptime of our products,” says Simon Fellin.

“Very early on our connected devices weren’t behaving as we wanted.  This wasn’t good for us or for Tele2 IoT, so we had to solve it for everyone’s sake.”

VOI brought 200 devices to the in-house Tele2 Radio Lab, where Tele2 IoT works hand-in-hand with customers to address any number of areas. In the case of VOI, mass testing – as well as testing on an individual scooter – was undertaken.

“With VOI’s tech guys we are able to simulate different scenarios in the Tele2 Radio Lab,” explains Nicklas Löthén, Head of Service Management at Tele2 IoT. “For example, we simulated different radio conditions as well as handovers, and disturbed the device from the core network to ensure the devices behaved well in the network.

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VOI is one of Sweden’s hottest and fastest growing startups, so working alongside them to preventively identify and resolve issues before they even arise on a broad scale can only help them in their position as a market leader.

Partnering with the VOI team helps this savvy Swedish startup keep control of its extremely rapid growth, while finding solutions for both the short and long-term quickly and efficiently allows them to keep pace with the marketplace. Tele2 IoT is along for ride.

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