Estonia is one of the world’s most innovative countries, with a startup scene that has been roaring along for more than a decade – and where there are already four unicorns. Today there are 500+ startups hoping to join those rarefied ranks – and a number of them are working towards that lofty goal with the help of Tele2 IoT.

Digital Estonia

Ernst Hemingway once said, “In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found.”

These days you can find at least three in each startup hub of the world.

But it all starts in Estonia, where the level of digitization has reached the level, when there are only two things you can’t do using Estonian national ID-Card – file a marriage certificate and file a death certificate – and it’s the first country in the world to introduce electronic elections, with roughly 25% of the electorate casting their ballots via the Internet.

The development of this digitized world has helped fire Estonia’s red-hot startup scene, where some of today’s most innovative ideas have incubated and developed before expanding globally. A number of these startups are innovating around smart transport solutions using Tele2 IoT connectivity, which is helping them power their way on to the global stage.

Here are some of the stars of the Estonian startup scene.

Some of the stars of the Estonian Startup scene

Case: Bikeep

Travelling by bicycle is convenient, affordable, and sustainable, and while today there are estimated to be 2 billion bikes in the world, by 2050 that number could jump to 5 billion. With figures like these it’s no surprise someone found a smart bike parking solution. Meet Bikeep, the Estonian startup that is keeping the world’s bicycles secure with the help of Tele2 IoT.
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Case: Barking

Anyone living in the city knows that parking can be a nightmare. Either there are no spaces to be had or the ones that are available are prohibitively expensive.

Enter Barking. No, we’re not talking about the amusingly named east London village – we’re talking about one of Estonia’s hottest startups, which can best be described as an Airbnb for cars – with a reach that is expanding.
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