Since the 1980s engineering design service Etteplan has been solving engineering challenges through innovative solutions. Today, Tele2 IoT is helping the Finnish company take this to the next level

Etteplan addresses three different areas: engineering, technical documentation, and IoT, which includes everything from electronics and devices to the cloud and mobile Web UI (User Interface).

The company has been designing devices and other electronics for many years, and little by little the systems have been becoming more and more connected. More than a decade ago Etteplan began integrating connectivity and soon Tele2 IoT entered the picture.

“We cooperate with different operators on many different levels – what made Tele2 IoT stand out was the way the offering was packaged,” explains Jaakko Ala-Paavola – CTO, Etteplan. “You take on different things, such as 2SECURE* independent of your connectivity. That’s very important to us because we’ve seen that our industrial customers don’t always want to have the same supplier for their connectivity and cloud. The separation gives them risk management, something that is very important.”

Ala-Paavola says choosing Tele2 IoT was easy. “They were the only ones providing the upper layer of services separate from the SIM cards, which was pretty revolutionary and exactly what we and our clients need. Tele2 IoT has really led in this area when it comes to packaging services.”

Because they are a system integrator, Etteplan doesn’t buy any SIMs from Tele2 IoT. Instead, the company acts as a middleman, with their customers buying SIMs and Etteplan making 2SECURE available in order to help their clients enjoy a secure industrial IoT solution.

* Part of TELE2 IoT’S 2ACCESS offering