RevX: The Operations Glue Holding Your IoT Solution Together

As businesses attempt to scale their cellular IoT operations, their back office and customer experience become more challenging.  These companies are navigating the challenges of delivering products ‘as-a-service’ at scale.   

To address this challenge Tele2 IoT has partnered with RevX Systems, a California-based company, to provide clients with an industry leading solution for managing operations and subscription services.  To succeed at scale, they must automate operations and provide a superior customer experience.

RevX Systems is dedicated to the task of ensuring your success with the industry’s leading IoT Operations Platform (IOP), Cisco IoT Control Center.  RevX addresses nearly every operational task around servicing revenue and connectivity, including providing a white-labeled end-user experience.  Critical infrastructure for any company managing cellular data services, thousands of customers, and multiple carriers.

In a hyper-connected world, customers who experience activation and billing issues will immediately share their opinions over social media, harming your growth and tarnishing your brand, As companies scale it becomes apparent that to prosper, they need to focus on their end users experience and manage costs through automation.

John D’Angelo CEO RevX Systems

As an extension to Tele2 IoT’s version of CISCO IoT Control Center, RevX enables businesses of any size to automate the management of their revenue lifecycle, and take a more customer-focused approach to IoT operations. RevX provides a comprehensive revenue management and operational solution that goes beyond TELE2 SIM management.

“RevX is the premier platform of its kind, solving problems that human capital cannot,” says Anders Nilsson, Senior Sales Manager Tele2 IoT.  “We’re extremely excited to partner with RevX in helping companies automate operations and to enhance their end-user experience.”

“RevX provides a personalized view of your connected devices world, with a self-care portal that simplifies the customer experience,” says John D’Angelo. “our single pane of glass simplifies how a company manages multiple connectivity and legacy application systems in pursuant of their digitalization initiatives”.  If you got into the IoT game early and are faced with managing disparate legacy silo systems, or you’re new to IoT and wants to keep things simple, our single platform approach significantly streamlines your front and back-office operations.

Digitalization, particularly with legacy systems, isn’t easy – we let you focus on your core business value creation while we manage all the IoT operations complexity and minutia.”

We encourage you to learn more about operations systems that will ensure your IoT success.

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