Each year thousands of fund-raisers all over the Netherlands go door to door to collect donations for various funds. This important but tough job is getting even tougher since people are not using cash anymore. Having spotted the need to digitalize charity, an online fundraising platform WhyDonate came up with a solution – a connected donation box, powered by Tele2 IoT. The first months of testing have already shown a 200% increase in the average amount of donations.

From idea to solution

The Netherlands is known as one of the most cashless societies in the world – the aim is to pass a barrier of 60% of cashless payments in retail by 2018. The banks are also following the innovation, from now on releasing only NFC-enabled bank cards. While overall society benefits from digital payments, it has a negative impact on the sums collected door to door for various charity funds.

This is why WhyDonate thought about a flexible solution to make fund-raising as easy and effortless for donators, as possible. In a few months they developed “The collection box”, which makes the collection process safer, faster and more secure. The collection box is equipped with a payment terminal and a sim card to enable contactless donation with their debit card or mobile phone. When the solution was ready, it was extremely important to choose the right connectivity provider.

Niels Corver, co-founder of WhyDonate, explains: “Our solution is connected to the mobile network. As the collectors are working throughout the country, the network’s reach is really essential. Bas Brugman of BTC had the right solution here – he proposed the network agnostic Tele2 IoT SIM cards.”

Tele2 IoT ensuring reliable connectivity

Tele2 IoT offered the local roaming solution, making sure, that network agnostic sim cards automatically switch between the networks and provide the best possible connectivity. In addition, the sim cards and collector boxes are monitored in Cisco Jasper, where Niels and his team can easily manage and troubleshoot the devices, whenever needed. As Tele2 IoT sim cards work around the globe, WhyDonate is looking forward to expand their footprint, by reaching the foreign markets.

First success witnessed

The innovative Collection Box is modernizing the ways of traditional door-to door collection. Interestingly, due to the convenience of contactless payments the average donation amount using the Collection Box is already higher than traditional cash payments. The collection box has been tried with the first 30 selected charities collecting money for various purposes. The Red Cross, foundation for people with heart diseases, children’s hospital, refugee fund – these are the few examples of the groups benefiting from the fundraising. The result speaks for itself. In a few months the amounts of donation increased by 200%. “The reactions from givers and collectors are very positive. The solution is a lot safer and simple to use,” says Niels.