“Data is combined on the platform and as a result you can start to see correlations between sales and what is stocked. You get the full picture,” says Vinod. “Moreover, our open API standards allow users to access their raw data and process them in any way that they would like to, greatly adding to the flexibility of the system.”

IoT is the Foundation

The entire Intelliventory solution is based on connectivity from Tele2 IoT. Connected sensors in the shop shelves or at the warehouse means the movement of goods can be tracked and sales can be analysed for optimisation.

“Our customers do not buy sensors/devices only, we provide integration of the solution and we manage the SIMs for them,” explains Wierzejski. “We are both the orchestrator and the manager, offering both products and services. We offer a package with integration and manage the complexity of the solution on our end so that customers can have globally available service without struggle.”

What customers are getting is actionable reports and analytics about factors impacting their business, all of which rely on connected sensors on the ground. Intelliventory installs the sensors and then the platform gives customers the insights they need. The sensors are managed remotely via connectivity and are automatically upgraded when needed.

“We also use the Cisco Control Center, which is a real differentiator with Tele2 IoT,” says Vinod. “Combining information from the Control Center allows us to manage devices and troubleshoot when needed.”

When it comes to security, Intelliventory hardware possesses modern cryptography modules that prevent devices from being tampered with or used for other purposes.

“We also use two-factor authentication and thanks to Tele2 IoT and standardised cellular connectivity, we are inheriting established security standards, which works really well for us when it comes to ensuring data security for our customers. And of course, we have added end-to-end encryption, so that your data is for your eyes only.

“Global coverage and roaming has also made Tele2 IoT a great partner,” says Vinod. “We don’t need to go from country to country and talk to individual operators when implementing our solution. Tele2 IoT has that already figured out, so that we can focus on our business. We’re independent from the local environment, which is a real difference for our competitors, who are often relying on local Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity.”

Intelliventory is a fully plug-and-play solution that can be shipped globally, and the system can be adapted to any locale and language.