End-to-End Industrial IoT Networking Solution

Industrial IoT networking Solution from INSYS icom and Tele2 IoT

INSYS icom – a leading European provider of high-quality, industrial data communications products – wanted to offer a one-stop shop for pre-integrated, secure, IoT-enabled, networking solutions. So INSYS icom adopted a Tele2 IoT offering of always available IoT connectivity; multi-carrier roaming; a connectivity management portal; and a set of carrier-grade, data-transfer API’s. Because of the new solutions, INSYS icom anticipates its IoT revenues will increase up to 40% as its customers digitize their businesses over the next 3 years.

INSYS icom transforms itself with industrial IoT solution

INSYS icom is one of Europe’s highest-quality suppliers of networking hardware and communications products like industrial routers with edge computing capabilities, modems and modules. INSYS icom technology powers the operations networks of companies in sectors including utilities, manufacturing, energy and building industries. For this reason, INSYS icom must provide high levels of reliability and security. With a top-quality set of technical and business support teams, INSYS icom offers its solutions across Europe and increasingly worldwide as its products continue to become recognized as best-in-class.

INSYS icom – a trusted technology partner to its customers – recognized that competition for networking hardware in its markets was increasing. At the same time, customers were asking for a better way to collect and analyze data running across their operations networks. If customers could better aggregate, store, analyze and visualize these data, they would be able to increase productivity, safety and security. INSYS icom needed a highly reliable, cost-effective connectivity solution and a set of automation tools for this new offering. And INSYS icom wanted to find a technology partner with a strong focus on customer service and reliability.

Tele2 IoT Global Solutions provides the answer

INSYS icom turned to Tele2 to provide IoT cellular connectivity; multi-carrier local roaming; a connectivity management portal; and use of a set of carrier-grade data-transfer APIs. INSYS icom needed a connectivity solution that would always work – a solution that would automatically pick the best quality mobile network irrespective of carrier.

”In future, we will see even more devices being connected. A number of connected devices will soon become a part of our everyday life. I foresee that for our industry Narrow-band IoT will be a real game changer as it will allow us to make devices smaller, faster and more durable. It is also an interesting time for the Telecom players, developing in different directions. This is why partnering with a strong technology-agnostic and partner friendly company like Tele2 IoT, is important to us to be able to grow the way we want!

“We’re going into a business where managed services is a big part of the business model. With Tele2 we don’t have to worry about the mobile network provider. One SIM card will provide all of it,” says Markus Meyer, Director Sales and Marketing at INSYS icom. In addition, INSYS icom was impressed with the Tele2 platform APIs which allowed INSYS icom to simply extract, visualize and maximize the value of user data.

One of the key reasons why INSYS icom has chosen Tele2 IoT has been their great customer service.

“Tele2 IoT support has business and technical expertise. Whenever we have questions, we can reach Tele2 on the phone in minutes rather than sending an email to an unnamed email address.”

A 40% increase in IoT service revenues

Within 3 year INSYS icom believes that its IoT services revenues will increase up to 40%. This rapid change will help INSYS icom create even stronger ongoing customer relationships using a recurring revenue model.

INSYS icom believes that edge-based and distributed computing architectures will have a tremendous impact on its upcoming company growth. INSYS icom is proving that its customers can leverage its pre-integrated IoT networking platform to increase productivity, safety and security as they lead into the digital future.

Tele2 IoT support has business and technical expertise. Whenever we have questions, we can reach Tele2 on the phone in minutes.

Markus Meyer Director Sales and Marketing INSYS icom
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