EuropeTrack Provides Fleet Services Powered By the Enhanced Roaming of Tele2 IoT

IoT Roaming Connectivity success story with EuropeTrack and Tele2 IoT

EuropeTrack has built a strong, profitable business of monitoring fleets of vehicles with Travel Log – a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to better understand their fleets’ cost, usage and safety characteristics. EuropeTrack needed a high quality managed connectivity provider, so they turned to Tele2 for its excellent network reliability, cost management capabilities and a global roaming setup.

The successful partnership has led to a 50% decrease in EuropeTrack’s IoT connectivity costs and a 15% increase in revenue-generating opportunities outside its core market.

EuropeTrack helps large and small businesses manage fleet costs, usage and safety

EuropeTrack, an innovative business headquartered in the Netherlands, is a fleet tracking and monitoring company with 32 resellers across seven European countries. EuropeTrack makes fleet tracking simple and affordable for all sized businesses with an application for tracking various fleet characteristics like driving time, vehicle location, worker hours, driver details, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide production. EuropeTrack’s applications are easy-to-use and require no up-front customer training – a true differentiator in a competitive market.

EuropeTrack was experiencing good customer satisfaction and relations with its reseller community, but was having some challenges with its existing technology partners. EuropeTrack needed a reliable managed connectivity solution so it could continue to offer excellent service to its customers. Its technology providers could not provide EuropeTrack with the reliability, roaming terms, cost management features and levels of automation it required to allow its business to become more pro table and grow.

Tele2 IoT provides the tools

EuropeTrack turned to Tele2 IoT for a managed connectivity solution. The Tele2 IoT solution allows EuropeTrack to control fleets’ data roaming costs – a key piece of the solution. EuropeTrack now has the ability to create automated policies to meet customers’ needs. EuropeTrack’s customers get a high- quality service and EuropeTrack does not get charged for data roaming when vehicles are outside their contracted geographies. EuropeTrack instantly saw the value of the solution from Tele2 IoT – a solution it could not get from other providers.

EuropeTrack had several choices of IoT partners, but chose Tele2 because of its network, cost management capabilities and multi-carrier roaming agreements. “Before we had Tele2IoT, if one network went down we had no solution. With Tele2 IoT, we have multiple networks to solve the problem,” says Jasper Alga, Statutory Director with EuropeTrack.

Connectivity costs decrease 50% and international growth expands 15%

EuropeTrack has seen remarkable improvements in its business after adopting a Tele2 IoT solution. Connectivity costs have decreased 50% and EuropeTrack has seen 15% growth in its business outside of the Netherlands. “Tele2 IoT’s roaming rates have allowed us to cost-effectively grow outside our home market,” comments Alga.

In the future, EuropeTrack expects to expand its geographic offerings. In addition, EuropeTrack plans to use anonymized data to offer more traffic management solutions to public and private sector organizations. With responsive partners like Tele2, EuropeTrack looks forward to bringing innovative solutions to market.

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Before we had Tele2 IoT, if one network went down we had no solution. With Tele2 IoT, we have multiple networks to solve the problem.

Jasper Alga Statutory Director EuropeTrack
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