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    Enabling Services Open Up New Business Opportunities

    Enabling Services Open Up New Business Opportunities For Customers

    From railroad crossings to weather stations, for 55 years Reliste has been a big player in industrial environments. With a strong focus on flexibility and delivery, Reliste’s partnership with Tele2 IoT has brought big benefits to customers.

    Austria’s Reliste operates in the IoT area, as well as Industry 4.0, Industrial Communication, Industrial Networks, and Industrial Connectivity & Sensors. Founded in 1963, the privately held company is one of the largest, most comprehensive, and versatile distributors in Austria.

    “We are a distributor, but we have the heart of a consultant,” says Thomas Trauttenberg, CEO Reliste. “In some areas we also act as a system integrator, but our passion is to work closely with our customers and their projects to help them in developing the best solutions possible.”

    The case at a glance

    Company: Reliste

    Region: Austria/Europe

    Sector: IoT, Industry 4.0, Industrial Communication, Industrial Networks, Industrial Connectivity & Sensors

    Challenge: Secure, flexible, wireless connectivity for customers

    Solution: Secure, provider-free connectivity; private networks 2CONTROL, 2ACCESS,

    Result: No longer dependent on one Austrian provider; new markets and business opportunities


    With a strong team of specialists across most areas, Reliste is able to offer the kind of flexibility that allows them to react quickly to customers’ requests by involving partners and suppliers. And it was when customers began clamoring for wireless connectivity and product solutions that Tele2 IoT came onto the scene.

    “Tele2 IoT was able to offer a provider-free solution, which means we were no longer dependent on one provider in the Austrian market,” explains Trauttenberg. “Partnering with Tele2 IoT also opened up a lot of new business opportunities for us, such a waste water treatment, transport infrastructure, and data collection such as weather data, as well as many others.”

    One of the keys to these new markets has been Tele2 IoT’s portfolio of enabling services such as 2CONTROL and 2ACCESS. These applications and services help solve the concerns and needs of Reliste’s customers, such as data security, private networks, and Internet breakouts.

    Tele2 IoT offers the most complete product solution on the market, and with these services we’re able to offer very secure and sustainable solutions.

    Thomas Trauttenberg CEO Reliste

    One Reliste customer operating fifty weather stations in the Alps in western Austria had big problems with their provider and connectivity but they were solved by using a private APN. Another customer, from the infrastructure area, uses 2SECURE for monitoring railroad crossings.

    “We’ve had very good customer feedback on the Tele2 IoT solutions,” Trauttenberg says. “The solutions are running very well, and we’ve had very few problems.”

    If you would like to learn more about how IoT can help your business, please get in touch.

    The basics of the working relationship we have with Tele2 IoT are highly qualified people, trust, and fun!

    Thomas Trauttenberg CEO Reliste

    As far as Reliste’s future, the only way to go is up – and further into IoT.

    “In my opinion, IoT is already omnipresent,” says Trauttenberg. “At Reliste we are very much looking forward to getting more deeply involved in this fast-growing field.”

    With the help of Tele2 IoT enabling services and connectivity solutions, the sky seems to be the limit.