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CSL provides managed connectivity services for critical applications across multiple sectors where optimal uptime is vital. The UK-based company, which operates across Europe, does this by relying on world class technical expertise and an unrivalled commitment to customer service – just two of the reasons they are now market leaders. Partners like Tele2 IoT provide the connectivity that makes CSL solutions possible.

CSL operates in the B2B space, providing connectivity to hardware and system manufacturers, installation professionals, IT and infrastructure businesses. Handling connectivity for big players in any of the industries, CSL ensures that their solutions provide the more reliable connectivity in the IoT Market. Hiran Ravat, CSL’s Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships, explains why providing critical connectivity has moved beyond CSL’s core markets.

“Put simply, when connectivity is so key that any downtime would result in the loss of lives, damage to infrastructure and significant loss of business, this is critical,” explains Hiran Ravat, Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships, CSL. “We have seen first-hand the impacts this has had when this is not prioritised. In Telecare, when alarms from elderly and vulnerable people don’t reach the monitoring centre, meaning there is no notification, these people can be left in danger. In the broader business world, such as in retail, a cyber-attack or extended period of downtime can result in a huge loss in revenue and wider damage to a brand. This is where CSL can help!”

“We offer a fully managed, proactively monitored, encrypted, end-to-end service – with total redundancy and failover at every level. When it matters most, we make sure systems and applications stay connected. This is the entire foundation of what our business does in all our solutions.”

Hiran Ravat Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships CSL

“We also work with both businesses and government. We are already a part of the Critical National Infrastructure Ecosystem and want to take our capabilities into the broader IoT market. In the world of Telecare, we want to be the “go-to” company in supplying connectivity. We know and understand their industry and understand the value of great service and support on top of the technical and secure managed service we provide. In that business even 10 devices out of 10000 that are out of service, is potentially a big risk as each and every device is connected to a vulnerable person.”

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