The introduction of EnCore marks a new era for Tele2 IoT. This infrastructure-as-a-service offering levels the playing field, giving global customers the means to decrease complexity and keep tight control of costs.

Ideal for high volume global customers who operate in multiple and sometimes regulatory challenging locations, EnCore does away with the need to invest a fortune in infrastructure and operation and maintenance staff. This can mean a big relief for your company, especially if you’re moving into multiple regions. In essence, EnCore decreases the complexity of handling the IT side of IoT, so instead of having to deal with multiple operators with multiple systems EnCore is the managed service that grants you access into any country with one common view.

Let’s say you’re operating a global fleet of trucks, which use multiple operators across multiple regions. This can be challenging for a number of reasons. First, if those trucks are moving, for example, from Greece to Russia via Turkey you will run into regulatory issues due to data restrictions if you try your own core approach. Alternatively, moving across borders can mean high costs if you try the traditional roaming approach.

Our EnCore approach is to selectively place virtual core networks in countries where regulatory frameworks demand it, such as Turkey, Russia, China, or Brazil, as well as in select regions to offer optimal Quality of Service for your more demanding use cases.

In choosing EnCore, you don’t just optimize your global rollout plans, you also get the means to negotiate more attractive prices for local connectivity, which can have a very positive impact on your bottom line.

If you’re a global provider of sensors with low demands on data volumes, then no local connectivity agreements are needed – you’ll be fine with roaming agreements and still benefiting from EnCore’s seamless connectivity control. But if your use case is more demanding in terms of data volumes you don’t want the costs associated with regular roaming agreements, you want permanent connectivity agreements allowing a more attractive cost base. If you’ll be consuming gigabytes, or even terabytes, of data each day and if you want to do that without breaking the bank you’re going to need a different cost base.  And if you’re a global company or a big regional player you’re going to need more than one core network, due to hosting and latency issues.

Global customers with big amounts of data, such as connected cars or airlines or any company that is looking at a global spread, is going to have latency issues. Look at it like this: imagine your family wants to stream films while driving from Canada to Mexico. They need a strong and stable connection. When it comes to your IoT deployment EnCore ensures that you get exactly that, no matter where your devices are because again, we will roll out local IoT cores that will minimize latency that do away with the need for traffic to travel across borders. Not only will you save money, the end user experience will be much better.

While optimal for global companies, EnCore is also beneficial to regional players with a lot of devices.

And if you have narrowband IoT? Other platforms might be challenged to support you, while EnCore can host all your devices on one platform.

As your IoT footprint grows EnCore is already in place to grow with you.


Why EnCore? The Bottom Line

If you want to move into – or are already operating in – countries with legal restrictions on data, EnCore bypasses myriad issues that can make the move extremely challenging. For companies that are so big that they are thinking of starting their own virtual operator department, despite not being in Telco, EnCore takes that question off the table for you, handling your operator needs while providing an IoT Core, connectivity platform, and the possibility to get beneficial wholesale prices from operators. Essentially, we’re providing you IoT as a service. All the gain with a lot less pain.

Simplifying how you move from operator to operator, from country to country – and also how you are collecting your data and how you’re being charged for it – this is the beauty of EnCore. It lets you focus on what you do best: building your global business without unnecessary distractions.