At this year’s IoT Talks, we piloted a Customer Forum, where representatives from several important customers were invited to discuss challenges and learnings within cellular IoT.  

This forum was meant for customers, meaning they chose the discussion points.  And once the introductions were done it was clear that they were very interested in our IoT connectivity control platform 2CONTROL and how it can be optimized to their needs.  

This was great insight for us, and because I work within product marketing, it is part of my role to translate customer needs and pair them with existing or new collaterals/offerings. This is what I learnt from our discussion: 

  • Different features of the 2CONTROL platform aren’t used (or understood) to their full potential. We need to improve how we help customers to work with the different functions and features, including using existing customer examples 
  • Communicating the launch of new services needs improvement, as some customers are not becoming aware of these new services 
  • Telecoms are full of abbreviations and because we’re used to using them so much internally, we sometimes forget that not everyone understands all of them. We already have a plan in place to help in this area, which you will hear more about early in the new year.  

A few days after IoT Talks, one forum participant reached out to me. After hearing how another customer was using the platform, he had tried to look for some reports for himself and wanted to access analytics of average usage of price plans. It’s a question we get quite often and one that we know doesn’t have just one answer. Like many things with 2CONTROL, the solution depends on long-term ambitions, as well as current needs. That said, in the case of this particular question around analytics of average usage of price plans, here are several possible solutions:  

  • Enter 2CONTROL’s billing section and manually extract data from previous invoices 
  • Get “Advanced Analytics” add-on, based on the number of devices as a monthly fee 
  • Tele2 IoT’s Professional Services gives you access to a dedicated Customer Engagement Manager, who can be a crucial resource when it comes to extracting data or assisting with any questions or challenges you might have.  

To understand what a specific customer needs and what works best in their setup, it is important to have a discussion. We are happy to say that the team at Tele2 IoT has helped many customers in finding the right setup for them, and if you reach out to us, you can expect an answer that take your needs into account, along with the benefit of our experience with and knowledge gained from helping thousands of IoT customers.  

In short, we are very open to a discussion around 2CONTROL (or any other area), so please feel free to reach out to your account manager or to the IoT Team at if there are features and functions in the platform you would like to learn more about or would like to see added, or if you just have a problem that you need help in solving.  

And if you are interested in joining future Tele2 IoT customer forums, it would be great to hear from you directly! Get in touch through LinkedIn or at 

Karin Edebo
Product Marketing Manager
Tele2 IoT