March 30, 2022

Unlimited Data: What Does Broadband IoT Mean for You?

Ever since Tele2 became the first operator in Sweden to roll out 5G, everyone has been talking about the possibilities 5G will unlock. People have also been talking about the volumes of data that will be generated – and what that will mean to their bottom line. The introduction of Broadband IoT means unlimited data – a game changer for many companies, no matter where they are in their IoT journey. 

Here’s the thing: while connectivity is at the heart of every IoT solution, the data generated is what makes most IoT solutions valuable, regardless of whether you have just started your IoT journey or have come a long way. So, whether you’re new to IoT, in the process of scaling, or are an established player who knows your way around the industry, having the possibility to consume unlimited data within the Tele2 network in Sweden will bring a host of benefits – particularly when it comes with predictable monthly costs.

What is Broadband IoT from Tele2?

Simply put, Broadband IoT is a smart solution for cellular connectivity that you do not have to think about once you get started. It’s ‘set it and forget it’ and the service offers:

  • Predictable costs
  • Short time to market
  • Access to all the data you need.

Which use cases are right for Broadband IoT?

Looking beyond where you are on your IoT journey, which types of use cases are most ideally suited to Broadband IoT? Surveillance systems such as CCTV, fixed wireless access, high speed industrial routers, autonomous entities – all of these could benefit from Broadband IoT, opening up the playing field for unlimited innovation.

Where you are on your IoT journey

If you’re just starting out in IoT, keeping track of your costs can be challenging. You need to think about everything from the cost of devices and installations to licenses, and connectivity – and that isn’t always easy.  Unlimited data – and the predictable monthly cost that comes with it – means you can ease your way into IoT in a way that not only doesn’t break the bank, but also delivers on what you need while allowing you to get on the fast track quickly.

If you have already started and are about to scale up your solution, your time is precious, and resources are in short supply. In other words, while you may not have the time or expertise to optimize your data consumption, you do want to be sure that your costs are under control, no matter how hungry for data your solution is. With Broadband IoT, the cost is predictable, and you do not have to count megabytes.

For established players, cost control is just one of the many benefits Broadband IoT brings to the table, including making sure you are taking full advantage of 5G, with all that it entails and all its unlimited opportunities for innovation.

Broadband IoT from Tele2 IoT means an IoT subscription with:

  • Unlimited data in Tele2 Sweden’s network
  • Possibility of SMS & calls according to agreement
  • Access to the Cisco IoT Control Center (2CONTROL) and other services offered by Tele2 IoT
  • The service can be switched on an already existing SIM from Tele2 IoT.

There are plenty of other benefits that IoT Broadband can bring to your IoT solution – if you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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