March 20, 2023

Using our strength as a Swedish company

Tele2 IoT is based in Sweden, a country of ten million people, which we see as a strength. After all, Sweden is known for punching well above its weight in a lot of areas, including design, sports, and even pop music.  We’re also known for our attention to detail, along with quality and easy user experience.  Our strength as a Swedish company, with our Swedish values around transparency and logic, means that in just ten years we’ve gone from a small Nordic company to a top ten player in Europe when it comes to global cellular IoT connectivity.

The southern European market is the most mature IoT market in Europe, primarily because of the number of big groups operating there. They started their IoT journey a bit earlier, which allowed them to grab a big chunk of the market. Over the course of time, though, those operators haven’t had time to update themselves – and they carry the heavy burden of legacy.

As we strengthen our ties to Europe, our relatively late entry into the market means we’ve not only leapfrogged over some of the early challenges of IoT, we are also not carrying that burden of legacy. Instead, we are able to address our customer’s needs swiftly and aggressively – and we don’t go into revenue protection mode when a longtime customer wants to leave.

Yvonne Strömberg Head of Acquisition Sales Tele2 IoT

There is a complement between the Nordic cultures and southern European cultures, rather than a clash. We Swedes may not be flashy, but we are reliable – and we always deliver what you ask for. That said, our team is international, with employees operating in most regions of Europe, which means they understand the local business culture – and the local language. We like to say that we’re small enough to care – and we’re big enough to deliver.

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Yvonne Strömberg
Head of Acquisition Sales
Tele2 IoT

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