September 28, 2020

Taking IoT Security to the Next Level

Security is essential for your IoT solution

At Tele2 IoT we know how important security is to our customers and we take it seriously. As a result, we have upgraded our 2ACCESS portfolio, offering improved reliability and scalability, and top-level security.

When it comes to IoT, security is a big issue and we can see increasing attacks on IoT devices. 99% of enterprises use digital transformation technologies (cloud, IoT, blockchain, etc.) with sensitive data, but less than 30% of respondents deploy encryption within these environments.

Controlling access to your devices and data is one of the key pillars of IoT. But being able to handle different scenarios when transferring and securing data is where the real challenges are.

So, in order to improve reliability and scalability and make devices ready for future technologies with the highest security in mind, we knew it was important to upgrade 2ACCESS.

Tele2 was the first Swedish telco to launch a real 5G network, one that is faster, more secure and even more stable than our test-winning 4G network. As it continues to be rolled out across Sweden and the rest of the world, we know we need to now support not only 2G, 3G, 4G but also 5G.

In order for you as a customer to be able to take part in the 5G experience, we are now updating and future-proofing our mobile systems that manage all your APNs with Tele2.

What does the update mean for you?

We are moving to a new system for customer-specific APNs, which is necessary to be able to secure the future and offer the latest technology and ensure that it also works for 5G devices.

With 2ACCESS you get the freedom and flexibility to choose any technology or cellular operator out there, while also being able to safely and remotely access your devices in order to update, troubleshoot, or make changes – and you can do it all right from your computer. And now that Tele2 IoT has now merged into Tele2 Sweden, our customers will soon have access to the Tele2 Service Online (TSO), the highly rated self-service administration tool. All of this means some very welcome upgrades to our security offering.

Here are the benefits of the 2ACCESS upgrade:

  1. Improved reliability, scalability and ready for future technologies with the highest security in mind.
  2. Mandatory geographic redundancy on Tele2 side (Most Reliable Network)
  3. Always compliant to the latest cryptographic algorithm recommendations from NSA (National Security Agency)
  4. Capacity that scales to any solution and also with extreme low latency. ​

In addition to improving our 2ACCESS portfolio, we always deliver a redundant solution (the most reliable network), where we are compliant with the latest cryptographic algorithm recommendations from NSA (National Security Agency).

And for companies interested in taking security to the maximum level, we will soon launch an offer with capacity that scales to any solution and also with extreme low latency.  Private Interconnect is the next level security where IPSec and public internet do not fulfil the professional security requirements, with dedicated fiber instead recommended.

If you would like to learn more about how 2ACCESS can improve the security of your IoT solution, please get in touch.

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