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Blog March 09, 2022 SIM-enabled Digital Signage , Tele2 IoT

SIM-enabled Digital Signage

Around the world, there is a growing demand for digital displays that deliver high-resolution content in shops, restaurants and public spaces. With fleets of displays spread over wide distances, digital signage system integrators need a solution to improve processes, increase ROI, and capture new business opportunities.

Instead of using limited (and often troublesome) LAN and WiFi connections, delivering content to displays over cellular networks has become increasingly attractive. By empowering media players with SIM card connectivity, digital displays can be installed anywhere in the world where cellular networks exist – which is almost everywhere.  All configurations can be done before sending out to the site of installation, saving a lot of onsite challenges and local configuration on firewalls and networks.

The benefits of installing SIM cards in digital displays become clear when signage solutions are installed at the customer site. The System Integrator (SI) will be able to install faster since everything can be pre-configured before deployment. Here, the SI will see rapid results and stronger revenue. At the same time, the Managed Connectivity solution from Tele2 IoT is highly effective and the asset management for the SIM subscriptions saves a lot of time and money for System Integrators.

A SIM-enabled display solution also reduces cost and complexity for the user or end customer. Since the SI brings its own internet connection, there is no interference with the network. This means there is no need for an IT project – no firewalls to open, no passwords to be shared, and no competition for bandwidth.

When you are ready to adopt a mobile solution, do not use just any random, local SIM card! Instead, create a managed SIM connectivity strategy together with a professional global supplier. With a solution built to scale new revenue streams can be found quite quickly and substantial savings can be made.

Get in touch to learn how the Global SIM solution from Tele2 IoT can help digital signage integrators reduce costs while delivering a consistent, yet flexible service to customers all over the world.

Anders Nilsson
SeniorSales Manager
Tele2 IoT