Finally, we address the IoT-generated benefits to your customers and how you can identify the impact on operational costs. These two last parts are very important! Too many IoT projects have been launched based on vague assumptions of customer benefits and how these can be turned into new revenue. My tip is that you rather try and address the less ambitious perspective of how you can reduce operational costs. E.g. if you can motivate connecting your products solely based on increased internal learnings in further product development or in existing service and maintenance schemes, then any subsequent revenue-generating customer benefit can be seen as an attractive upside! You are much more likely to be right in your assumptions of such benefits after having gained new insights from your connected products.

I hope you find our whitepaper useful. Don’t hesitate to involve Tele2 in your continued IoT journey. We look forward assisting you over the gap and take the jump together in the not so distant future.